It is necessary to know whose Spirit one must have, to qualify to be Born Again.

One must have Christ’s Spirit in order to know resurrection even as the Old Testament Holy Ones required to have the Spirit of Christ in order to be raised. 

Matthew 27: 51-53     1 Peter 1: 10-12


It is necessary to know what WORK IS REQUIRED and must be done in order to say



It is necessary to understand what is meant by Water and Spirit, Breath, also the Seven Spirits of God.  What place do the Seven Spirits of God have in His work to the believer?

John 3: 3-5     John 20: 22-23     John 14: 13-23    John 15: 26


It is necessary to understand the place that one must be in, to say that they are Born Again : and who places one where only those who are Born Again are placed, i.e. In Christ.


It is necessary and very important to know that Christ is the ONLY ONE PERSON who can put us IN THE ONE SPIRIT and that God The Father is the ONE AND ONLY PERSON, (He is the One Spirit, no other one), who Baptises one INTO THE ONE BODY.


It is necessary to know that The Law of Sin and Death is NOT DEALT WITH by the believer at the time of coming to the cross.

It is ONLY DEALT WITH by the work that precedes Baptism with Holy Spirit.  It is only because of that work done, that one is Baptised with Holy Spirit by Christ.  God the Father Baptises into the Body of Christ.  The work that precedes Baptism is called THE INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS.


It is necessary to know that THE SIGN OF BAPTISM WITH HOLY SPIRIT, THAT YOU ARE BORN AGAIN, is that one speaks in the language of the Spirit of God and receives a Spiritual Gift.   1 Corinthians 12: 1-13


It is necessary to know that for those with Christ ‘in them’ allows them to be all that he is.  He was Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist.  He gives each one a gift accordingly.   Ephesians 4: 7-13


With God The Father in us after that we are BORN AGAIN, we are expected to be all that He is : Just as Jesus, as the Son of Man was.  ‘God in Christ’ was all that God was : that is God working in him and through him, as He is to be through us.

John 14: 13-23     John 17: 20-26

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