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 When we came to the cross where God gave us The Spirit of Christ
and placed us in The Kingdom of Christ, we met Christ.

When we  know The Baptism with Holy Spirit, by Christ,  into The Spirit of God.

We have come to God The Father.  Both live in us by their Spirits.

nor the knowledge  ABOUT GOD OR CHRIST.  We are called to love Christ, and love  God, Our Father, whom we are to love
with our whole heart. 

Our knowledge is to be of a personal nature with God and Christ.  Although we cannot see them, we know them as Persons,
in whom we trust and know the reality, of who they truly are.

This is why those In Christ will be judged as to doing the Will of God The Father, whom they are to have known.
This is why those who come to the cross are to Love Christ and do his commandments which is essential to being Baptised with Holy Spirit, so that one is brought to The Father who is God.   THAT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE REALITY OF BOTH THE FATHER AND THE SON IS KNOWN WHICH IS THE KEYNOTE OF TRUE FELLLOWSHIP ALSO WITH THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND HIS SON.

1 John 5: 1-5   1 John 1: 3  John 14: 23


For God so loved the world
†††††††††††††††††† and the good seed out of it stands for
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† the Sons of The Kingdom

The son of Man will send his
†††††††††††††††††† angels to weed out his kingdom

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure and a pearl

The kingdom of heaven is like a net and catches
†††††††††††††††††† all kinds of fish
Angels will separate the wicked, who disregard Godís will
†††††††††††††††††† from the righteous

Every teacher who is instructed about The Kingdom of Heaven
†††††††††††††††††† brings out of his storeroom, new treasures
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† as well as old.

The Good Seed becomes a son through Christís work
†††††††††††††††††† as Lamb and Baptiser.




Where is this Spiritual Temple?†† Certainly, for now, in the Heavens, because in The Eternal City of The Kingdom of God there will be no Temple.

The Spiritual Temple is in The Heavens where those who respond to The Gospel of God and Christ are Spiritually placed and are either in the Spiritual Kingdom of Christ or The Kingdom of Heaven which is of God.


It is Spiritual in that one cannot see where they are but can know where they are.It cannot be seen but it is real.


In a vision Ezekiel was taken up onto a high mountain, which on its South side, were buildings.


It was The Spiritual Temple in The Heavens.While it was in heaven, people were to enter into it.†† But how could this be when heaven had been closed to mankind since the time of the fall, according to Jesus.And as a result when righteous men died they could not enter heaven but were held in Paradise.††† †††††††††††††††† John 3: 13

The vision of Ezekielís Spiritual Temple was prophetic of an open heaven into which mankind could enter and know God Himself and of the one who would make The Way into the heavens so that man could enter in.   Jesus was That One  who opened up The Way into Heaven for all mankind by his death on the cross, when Godís curse on all mankind was revoked.

This Temple in the heavens is Spiritual because of the description of the buildings which would defy the possibility of man building it.It is The Temple in The Heavens where those Holy Ones of The Old Testament and those dead and those alive of New Testament Dispensation are Spiritually together in reality, now with God and Christ.

The Holy Ones who had been judged by God to be righteous had waited in Paradise for the work of the cross.  Raised at that time, they ascended with Christ to heaven and became the foundation of The Spiritual Temple where they wait even now, to fulfil their role with those In Christ who will inherit to reign together with Christ for one thousand years.  The Temple was to come into existence when the Cornerstone was ready to be put in place with The Foundation Stones.  Christ as The Cornerstone, and The Holy Ones,  are  the Foundation of The Temple.


Jesus looked forward to the building of this Temple, when he spoke of A Temple in Jerusalem, saying that if it were destroyed, that he would replace it, or raise it again, in three days, and  he did, establishing The Spiritual Temple with Living Stones who are those of  The Body of Christ, who are Temples of The Living God.

It was at his trial and while on the cross that accusations were brought against him for saying this.  He did not say a word of explanation, as it was a spiritual fact which would not have been understood.   It was not Herodís physical temple that Jesus had in mind, but The Spiritual Temple, with entrance given to it,  not only to Israel but to all people of all nations.  It was not his physical body, but the Spiritual Body, that was to be created that he had in mind.

Ezekiel Chaps. 40-47    Revelation 21:22-27     Ephesians 5:5     Matthew 13: 37-50   Hebrews 9: 24     Acts 2: 31-36     Eph. 2: 6     Matthew 27: 51-53     Jeremiah 16: 19-21

Hebrews 9: 13-14     Eph. 2: 18-22    Matthew 17: 1-3     Hebrews 11: 40    Isaiah 52: 8-10 Rev. 20: 1-6     John 10: 1-16     John 2: 19-22    Matthew 26: 61,  27: 39-40    1 Peter 2: 3-8.


John 1: 29-33

Ezekielís Temple gave revelation by its floor plans that the approach to God remained progressive for the Christian, as it was in The Tabernacle, but it would be at the price of a manís life rather than that of an animal.

There are obvious differences in The Tabernacle from that of Ezekielís Temple.   Solid gold covered most of the furniture in The Tabernacle that spoke of Godís Holiness and Righteousness; yet God did not inhabit The Tabernacle, but the gold, symbolised His presence.

On the other hand Ezekielís Temple, is a Spiritual structure in The Heavens, which apparently is lined with wood, which is a basic earthly material in a Spiritual Temple, in a Spiritual Place.  This would indicate that wood symbolises man who as a Living Stone, is consequently built into The Temple.   In Ezekielís Temple there is no gold because God Himself and Christ are in this Temple and while it is Spiritual, it is meant to grow which is indicated by the rooms that expand or grow narrower.  There are gates, doors, rooms, tables, and altars but there is no mention of what they are made.  Only measurements are given.



Ezekiel was repeatedly commanded to pay attention to all that he saw and especially concerning The Entrances and Exits which are to be known because they are The Plan of God being essential for progress in the journey, from the World to The Throne of God, which now applies, not only for Israel but for all mankind.

Exodus Chap. 26,†† 30: 1-5,25: 31-40††††† Revelation 1: 4†††† 1 Corinthians 12: 13

Ezekiel 42: 15††† 41: 22-25††† John 14: 6††† Ezekiel 43: 10-11††† 44:5-6††John 1: 29-34††††
1 Corinthians 3: 16††††† Ephesians 4: 5-6††††† Hebrews 10: 14


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††THE WORLD


The††† Cross

The Entrance





††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† by




gives entrance
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††into



(where those In Christ, The Church are)



exit those In Christ for judgement

Those who inherit will enter






THE ETERNAL KINGDOM OF GOD.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ephesians 5: 5


The Kingdom of The World.†††††††† Is Death and Darkness, and man in it is Darkness and under the wrath of God, because they belong to this Kingdom.God shall judge them.

Romans 6:23†††††† Ephesians 5:8†††††† Revelation 20:15



The Kingdom of Christ.†††††††††† Is in the Death Realm.Itís a Spiritual Kingdom of which Christ is The Prince.Entrance is gained by coming in faith and repentance TOWARDS GOD and faith in Jesus.†† The believer is placed here by God, who has forgiven past sins, and placed The Spirit of Christ in the spirit of the believer.

Christ gives them a gift.While they are still in The Death Realm, God has broken THE DOMINION OF ITS DARKNESS,but they are still under the Bondage of its Laws, and must therefore be delivered, raised out of Death and Darkness.

The only One who can do this is God The Father, who had to exert HisPower to raise Jesus out of this Realm.They will be judged by God The Father.

They are SAVED from The Judgement of The Lake of Fire.

Galatians 3: 22†††† Matthew 13: 37-41††† Acts 5: 31††† Romans 20: 21††† Romans 3: 25††† Galatians 4: 6††† Romans 8:10 ††† Ephesians 4: 7-10††† Colossians 1 : 13-14

Ephesians 1: 19-20†††† Revelation 20: 11-12†††† Romans 5: 9-10††††† Colossians 1: 27†††† Romans 4: 7


The Kingdom of Heaven will be entered into through an Instantaneous Spiritual Process done in Godís order of work, which when accomplished gives entrance from The Kingdom of Christ.

They have been Spiritually Circumcised of Death and Darkness, forgiven all sins and seen as holy and blameless before God.The believer has come into Godís Spirit, and will speak the spiritual language of The Kingdom of God.

They will be judged by Christ : the criteria being the doing of the Will of The Father.


The Eternal Kingdom of God is where the believer can truly say, ďI have entered Eternal LifeĒ which will only be when all of Godís purposes have been fulfilled on this earth and in The Heavens and Eternal Life with God and Christ will be on A New Earth and in The New Heavens.†† All Judgements have been completed.

Entrance shall be to those who did the will of God The Father.

The Eternal Kingdom of God is not to be confused with the present Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, into which entrance can be known now through Baptism with Holy Spirit.


Revelation 21 and 22††† Galatians 3:14†††† Matthew 13: 47-50††† 1 Corinthians 12: 13-18††† Romans 8:11††††
Ephesians 2: 6††††† Romans 2 : 29†††† Ephesians 1: 3-14††††† Romans 4: 8

Ephesians 6: 18†††† 2 Corinthians 5:10†††† 1 Thessalonians 4: 16†† †††Matthew 7: 21-23**







††††††††† Ezekiel 43: 10-11††† 44: 5


This command was given for the people of Israel before the redemptive work of God and Christ was given for the world, which now continues to apply not only to Israel but the whole world whom God said that He Loved and ordained the Way for all men who would seek Him to find Him.††††† John 3: 16.



Entrances and Exits are Not  to be ignored.


They are not to be ignored because The Kingdoms, that of God and Christ, are revealed and  confirmed by The plan of The Temple and by Jesus himself in the parables of  Matthew 13: 37-42,  Colossians 1: 13-14  [Christís Kingdom],  Matthew 13: 47-50   [ The Kingdom of Heaven] ,    Ephesians 5: 5-7  [ both].

The epistles of Paul are on going, in that they confirm Ezekielís Exits and Entrances in the  progressive journey, in such verses as Colossians 1: 27-28     Romans 8: 10-11   

Hebrews 10: 22    1 Peter 1: 2     Romans 5: 9-11    Romans 4: 7-8.


The Progressive Journey  through The Kingdoms is so ordered by Godís Stipulations and Regulations, [ the Spiritual Work of the cross and Baptism with Holy Spirit]  which state the approach which is the necessity of The Way to God The Father.

This calls for man to obey, if he would to know The Way to God The Father.

There is a progressive journey,   yet   today when one comes believing to the cross, they are told that they are born again at that point.   They came out of the world and believe that they are immediately in The very Throne Room of God.  This is an amazing assumption of what is not true.


The Entrances and the Exits are not being observed.

Consider mankind who is under the curse and judgement of death, and is Darkness; and they believe that all they have to do is to say ĎI Believeí and Be Born Again?   That in itself is incredulous.  Not that with God it would be impossible, but according to His Plan of Progressive Salvation, it is not possible because God is holy.


The Entrances and Exits are NOT being observed.

Because of coming to the cross one is delivered from the judgement of The World, by the powerful work of the blood and all that this promises.  Consequently the believer is saved from Eternal judgement in The Lake of Fire.

But there must be a further strong work of God and Christ, apart from The Cross and its work, called Spiritual Circumcision, by The Instantaneous Process, (See Come to The Baptism With Holy Spirit), in order to be delivered from The Realm of Death and all its Laws.    Romans 8: 1-2.


The Truth is that the work of the sacrifice of The Guilt Offering, which Jesus was,  NEVER GAVE ENTRANCE INTO WHERE GOD WAS in The Tabernacle nor does it by the cross.  While God Himself, was in Jesus by His Spirit reconciling The World to Himself on the cross, the focus is the blood, that Jesus, as Godís Lamb, shed for Godís purpose, to fulfil His Criteria of The Blood of Genesis 9: 5-6.


It is the initial Repentance towards God and faith in Jesus in the sacrifice of the cross, that qualifies one to go on to receive The Promised Spirit that Jesus said we were to ask of him in John 7: 37-39  This is when we are Born Again, not by blood, but by Godís Spirit, when one is Baptised with Holy Spirit, by Christ  and receives  forgiveness for all sins, by God ; not just past sins as at the cross.


Note Well:
The Death Realm is the gap between the cross and to the receiving of The Promised Spirit of God.  We are to be taken down into the gap, by Christ, to be raised out of it by God The Father.  The cross does not extend across Ďthe gapí, but because of the cross, we are taken through to deliverance from The Death Realm, by God and Christ.  This is worked out in The ĎInstantaneous Spiritual Process, described in Romans 6: 3-14,  Colossians 2: 9-14,  which is often incorrectly applied when one is water baptised, which is error, because one is physical and the other profoundly, powerfully, Spiritual.

The cross, by the blood, is but The First Step in faith towards God, which qualifies us to be Born Again, by The Spirit, The Living Water.   Galatians 3: 14.
Isaiah 53: 10    Galatians 3: 22    Colossians 1: 19-20     Acts 20: 21     Galatians 3:14
John 3: 3-6     Colossians 2:13     Romans 4:8,  3:25,  4:7     Ephesians 1: 13-14     1 Peter1:2.


The disciples who walked with Jesus as The Son of Man, believed in The One True God, and in Jesus, as The Son of God, The Messiah The Christ of God.  After his resurrection Jesus breathed, into their spirit, his Spirit, making their spirit alive.
They had known redemption in Godí sight as their faith was in God and in Jesus as to who he was.  They did understand in time, who and what Jesus was, in Godís purposes.
John 16: 25-33     Acts 11:15-18*

They were commanded by Jesus just before his ascension, to wait in order to be Baptised with Holy Spirit, which would occur  when  he took up his heavenly position as Christ and Lord.

At Pentecost they were Baptised with The Spirit of God, and it was then that  they were Born Again by Godís Spirit. ** It was then that they became New Creatures and are where?  In Christ!.
On The Day of Pentecost they were the first to be Baptised with Holy Spirit and were given entrance, by God Himself, into The newly created Body of Christ, and are now a part of The Templeís foundation.
Because of the cross they had spiritually
entered The Kingdom of Christ, then exited and entered The Kingdom of Heaven at Baptism with Holy Spirit; that is Progressive Salvation is to :
First ---receive The Spirit of Christ.   Romans 8: 10    Colossians 1: 27    Romans 4:7
Next--- receive Godís Spirit.               Romans 8: 11    Colossians 1: 28    Romans 4:8
The Story of Acts 8: 10-17 and other events, give further confirmation to this fact.


The disciples and Jesus knew The Temple of their day and understood the restrictions and order in that temple, in the approach to The Holy Place of God, yet because of Baptism with Holy Spirit were given Spiritual entrance then into The Inner Sanctuary of The Spiritual Temple, which had  been impossible before their Baptism.

Consider The Tabernacle with its plan of entry into the courtyard but never into the sanctuaries, which was ONLY AS A PRIEST and in Godís strict order of Stipulations and Regulations.
Defy that order and The Priest would die!  Neglect to be Baptised with Holy Spirit and one does not enter Eternal life with God and Christ His Son.
John 17: 3, 20 -23     Acts 1: 4-5,  2: 4,  2: 31-36,    Colossians 1: 27 then 28    
1 Corinthians 12: 13-18     Ephesians 1: 13-14,  2: 18-22      Matthew 13: 37-42  to  13: 47-50      
Ephesians 2: 6    Acts 8: 12-17     Mark 16: 16-18


The seeker comes to the cross.  What is the seeker thinking ?  Is the seekerís need or motive in line with Godís provision?

Those who come to the cross believing for salvation can be those who have previously never heard of the Gospel of God and Christ, or they are in association with Christian friends and have heard about the need of salvation.  Many come from different roads of experience, cultures, home and social circumstances.  All of which will have strong effects, as to oneís motive and ideas  for  coming to the cross.  There are many Roads to the cross, but only One to God.  They could be challenged by ďDo you want to be Born Again?   Do you want to come to Jesus?Ē or moved by their own desires   ďI want Eternal Life.  I want to go to heaven.  I want to be saved.  I want peaceĒ.

The seeker may know facts about Jesus, but they must come to the cross to meet the person of Jesus, and then know his work as Baptiser with Holy Spirit and this being fulfilled, they will truly be able to say ď I believe in Jesus Christ.Ē


Those who come to the cross with the motive to repent to God and have faith in Jesus as their Saviour, are the ones who will go on, because they came to give themselves and not just to get, according to their own ideas, or to fulfil their motives.  They have exited from The World and entered The Kingdom of Christ, where they are not to believe that they have Eternal Life, but that they are on a sure road to Eternal Life.
To enter Christís Kingdom, is to know Jesus who is the one who knows the way to God The Father.
John 14 : 6    Jesus said ď I am The Way to The Father and no one comes unto Him but by me.Ē
Romans 8: 10    Galatians 4: 6    Colossians 1: 27    John 6: 37-40     Colossians 1:27-28.
For those in The Kingdom of Christ, i.e. in The Courts of The Temple, Christ is their hope of Glory, of  becoming a Son of God.



It is to be remembered that Christís present Spiritual Kingdom is in The Death Realm.  Christ, as The Prince of his kingdom has known in his work as The Son of  Man, the laws of the Realm of Death and their effects on men of the world : whereas God The Father can only abide within His Spirit and not in Death.

Ezekielís Temple Plan of Progress begins at the cross at the east gate and gives entrance to  Christís Kingdom, which is the first Kingdom entered into as one exits from The World.

The believer in The Courts is to love Christ and to obey his commands.  He is The Prince.   The believer is to know Godís will through him.  The believer is not to trust in Jesus as God because he is Mediator between God and man.

Jesusí commands are : to love and to forgive each other, to be Baptised in Holy Spirit.  In order to move from Christís Spiritual Kingdom into Godís Realm, The Kingdom of Heaven, they must ask Christ to be Baptiser.
Christís Spirit is carved Spiritually by God into the spirit of the believer, in order to be able to receive The Baptism with Holy Spirit of God, which is not of the same Spirit and Person as Christ.  This is a great blessing laying great responsibility to respond to Godís plan and purpose for doing this initial work.
This applies in like manner to all mankind who continues to be created in the image of God, by Godís order.    Genesis 9: 6

They will be without excuse for not seeking God, just as those who are Unbaptised for neglecting such a Great Salvation of being Spiritually Circumcised from The Realm of Death and its laws.


The Courts are to be the place where the redeemed believer is to come to know personally Christ in their daily commonplace of life, but know that The Courts are NOT THE PLACE TO STAY.  While having a continual commitment to Christ, the believer is to be aware that they have not come to God Himself, who is in The Temple beyond The Courts.

The walls of The courts are prophetic by the engraving of palm trees, which is very significant because the way that the Palm tree is formed is the binding of each growth into one, which is the picture of The Body of Christ.

In The Courts and The Sanctuaries God resounds again and again by the Palm trees giving witness to the believer to seek to gain entrance into The Body of Christ  through  Christís Work, as Baptiser with Holy Spirit, which is essential to exit from The Courts, and gain entrance to The Sanctuaries, where God is.


It was with palm branches that Israel welcomed and rejoiced in Jesus as Messiah and their coming King which held great significance, for those who looked for his coming.  Whereas to the believer in The Courts they are significant as a message to come to God through Christ, and to those in The Sanctuaries, they are the witness to our coming to God through Christís work as Lamb and Baptiser.

There are Sacrificial Points, and Priests who are from the Sanctuaries, whom God has appointed to teach and encourage those in The Courts, to gain entrance to The Sanctuaries,  to be ĎIn Christí.     Ephesians 4: 12-13

There are Gates giving entrance to the Temple Courts, facing North, East and South, but it is always by the East Gate that any Exit or Entrance of spiritual significance in Godís sight is registered as progress in oneís Spiritual journey.


There are Rooms and Doors which are to be the focus, for those in The Courts.  Because Ďas a roomí, they represent the believer who in their knowledge of Christ only,   they will   get narrower the higher they go up because of the lack the knowledge of God and Godís Truth and Purposes.   It is His plan that we become Ďstoreroomsí of His knowledge

Therefore the believer, must give their lives as a living sacrifice, in order to be Baptised with Holy Spirit and Fire by Christ in order to be in Godís Spirit who will teach us His Truths, and to become His Storeroom.
Matthew 13: 37-41     Romans 8: 10     Colossians 1:13-14      Acts 5:31      Ezekiel 40:6
John 14:13-17      Matthew 13: 37- 41 to 47-50     John 13: 34,  20:23     Acts 1: 4-5
Matthew 3: 11-12     Jeremiah 36: 26  to  27      Romans 8: 1-2     Galatians 3: 14      
Ez. 40: 5-37,     Ez. 40:17,  42:4-9     Matthew 13: 52      Romans 12: 1-2     John 16:13-15 1 Cor. 2: 9-10.   

Definition of        ĎIn Christí    Colossians 1:27-28

Those who are Baptised with Holy Spirit by Christ are then Baptised by God The Father into a Spiritual Body which is called The Body of Christ, which is to be  In Christ.  This is not speaking of the person of Jesus, BUT THE PLACE WHERE God The Father places the Baptised believer.  God The Father  is the ONLY ONE PERSON WHO CAN BY HIS SPIRIT PLACE US IN THE BODY.   ie,  IN CHRIST.  All ĎIn Christí are to be ĎLike Jesusí.
Those In Christ are The Church, the elect, and the saints.

Definition of                 The Instantaneous Spiritual Process.

It is a powerful Spiritual work which is carried out in precise order instantaneously and one is NOT In Christ until this is accomplished.

The believer dies, is crucified with Christ, is Baptised into Death, by Christ, is raised out of Death by God, is Baptised with Holy Spirit by Christ, and is Baptised into The Body of Christ by God The Father who is the only ďOneĒ who can do this work.   It is in order and instantaneous.  Its work achieves Spiritual Circumcision, from The Death Realm and its Laws and the believer IS PLACED In Christ by God The Father.
This work is described in, Galatians 2:20     Romans 6: 3-14     Colossians 2: 9-13.  
The result is Ephesians 1: 13-14,
1 Cor. 12: 13-18     Rom. 2: 29     Jeremiah 9:25    Colossians 1:28     Matt. 15:13   Jeremiah 36: 27.


And from inside The Temple I heard a voice say, ďSon of Man this is The Place of My ThroneĒ  This was the voice of The Lord God Almighty.  He is not in The Courts as this is in The Death Realm, which will call for Christ to be The Baptiser with Holy Spirit.
Ezekiel 44: 1-4     Ezekiel 43:1-12,  17     John  14: 13-17.

The Call is to be Heard, in the spirit of the believer in The Courts as a result of understanding the Command of Christ to be Baptised in order to gain entrance  inside The Temple where Godís Throne is.
So why is it necessary for the believer to come to The Inner Courts?
To know the strong, instantaneous Spiritual Process.

Today believers of The Courts are called to be Baptised with Holy Spirit.
Do they know that it is a command of Christ and that it is Christís Heavenly Work as Christ and Lord, in order for them to be taken out The Death Realm?

Do they have a strong conviction that there is more to know, or, that there is no further Spiritual work to be done.  BECAUSE THE CROSS WAS SUFFICIENT and that Baptism is just a matter of choice.  They must not believe that it is just for power, or as a subsequent blessing, with no eternal consequences for neglect.

They must know that The Instantaneous Spiritual Process is the work of God and Christ  in order to be raised out of The Death Realm and its Laws, which is to exit out of The Courts [Christís Kingdom] and be given entrance into The Sanctuaries [Godís Kingdom of Heaven] to be ĎIn Christí.

They must know they were redeemed in order to receive The Promised Spirit of God The Father, in order to be called Sons of God.
Acts 1: 4-5    Acts 2: 31-36   John 1:29 -33    Galatians 3:14    Romans 8:17    Mark 16:14-16


The Altar of Burnt Offering and its work could be said to be the centre, the core, the touch stone, in The purposes of God, to be Spiritually Circumcised from Death and in manís Progressive Spiritual Journey in the believerís ongoing Christian life.   Because of the work of the cross the believer is to come to The Altar of Burnt Offering in order that the Chaff which represents the believer is burnt in order to be Baptised with The Spirit of God, by Christ. That is to receive The Promised Spirit of God The Father, whose Spirit, as a result, is over, through, and on the believer.

This is when we are made to drink of The One Spirit of God Himself and be washed with Living Water and to have ĎSprinkled Saltí in the inner man, which is the work of  Romans 6: 3-14, Colossians 2: 9-13,  the reality of which is pictured in Leviticus 1 and in 6: 10-18  To gain everything new.

The instantaneous Spiritual Process on The Spiritual Altar of Burnt Offering is carried out as the same Physical Stipulations as The Burnt Offerings of The Old Testament which allows the believer, under The New Testament Dispensation, to be Baptised with Holy Spirit, in order to make us partakers of The New Covenant in order that we enter The Sanctuary where God is.

All was begun by the Spirit of Christ in The spirit of the believer and confirmed by The Spirit of God The Father who testifies ĎJesus is Lordí by the Spiritual Language through the believer, that is in Tongues.  Christís Full Work on behalf of His Father has been achieved and confirmed by God to the believer as Jesus said that He would.
Ezekiel 43 13-17    Romans 12: 1-2    John 14: 13     Matthew 3: 11-12    Galatians 3:14
1 Corinthians 12:13-18    Ephesians 4: 5-6    Hebrews 8: 6-13,  10: 16-18
1 Corinthians 3: 16    1 Corinthians 6:11   Galatians 4: 6   John 15: 26   1 Corinthians 12: 3  
Romans 10: 9.

Knowledge of the work of the Sacrificial System is helpful here in giving revelation, understanding and appreciation of the fact that all the sacrifices of The Old Testament were the Shadow of the Spiritual requirements for The New Testament believer.
Which is now done Spiritually and not physically because God has said so.
Every detailed sacrifice has its own particular work. Eg. The cross was carried out according to Old Testament regulations with Jesus as The Lamb given by God for Himself to fulfil His Criteria of Genesis 9: 5-6 in order to revoke The Curse.  Acts 20:28.
Which happened for us at the cross, but is the First Stage in the progressive journey to God Himself.  The work of The Altar of Burnt Sacrifice, is the second stage.  This is where the believer dies, as a living sacrifice, and is made alive Spiritually in God, when Baptised with Holy Spirit.

It was at great cost that Jesus the Son of Man died, whom God saw as a Ďburning stickí snatched from the fire, but now as Christ and Lord he is Ďa refinerís fire or a laundererís soapí as he Baptises with Holy Spirit and Fire.   The believer who is the object of deliverance by God  from The Realm of Death  and its Laws, is seen as righteous in His sight.   The Altar calls to the believer to be holy, as they are being saved, in their ongoing Journey into the knowledge of God The Father.
1 Peter 1: 1-2    Romans 12:1-2    John 3: 3-6    Zechariah 3: 1-12    Malachi 3: 2-3   Galatians 2: 20    1 Peter 3: 18    Romans 2: 29     Romans 8: 1-2     Hebrews 10: 14-18

†††††††††††††††††††† WHERE WE ARE UNDER HIS COVER.

The Prince who is Christ guards The Door of The Outer Sanctuary.  In Ezekielís time of the vision of The Temple there was no Way for man to enter The Sanctuaries let alone heaven because heaven was closed then.  But now entrance is given if the believer fulfils the command to be Baptised with Holy Spirit by Christ in his God given, exalted, position as Christ and  Lord, who will open The Door of The Outer Sanctuary.
Acts 5: 31     Ezekiel 44: 1-3    John 3: 13    Acts 1 : 4-5    Acts 2: 31-36

The Sanctuaries in Godís plan of The Temple have their foundation elevated above that of The Courts, and this in itself  reveals the difference between The Courts and The Sanctuaries which complements those who are its foundation.  The believer entering The Outer Sanctuary would notice that The Door into The Outer Sanctuary is wider than that of The Inner Sanctuary, that is before them.  Its measurements go from 3m. To 1.5m.  This speaks for itself.

In The Sanctuaries are those who are said to be In Christ. [in The Body of Christ].  All are in the same spiritual position with The Spirit of God and Christ in them but if they are guilty of Idolatry, The Narrow Door to The Inner Sanctuary will be closed to them.  If they fail to grow in the knowledge of God and Christ as Spiritual Storehouses, by becoming Rooms which are to grow even wider than when they began, they will bring condemnation from God Himself because they will remain in the same position as those in The Courts who as Rooms grow narrower because of the lack of Teaching Truth by God.

We see in the Outer and the Inner Sanctuaries, that which is not to be seen in The Courts.  In the space above the outside of the Entrance to the Inner Sanctuary and at regular intervals all around The Inner and The Outer Sanctuary we see  the face of  a cherubim  [Angel] with the face of a man and a lion.
reveal Christís work then with the Father as the Angel of the Lord,. His coming as the Son of Man, and his coming rule as King, the Lion of Judah.
These carvings Ďshout outí the full work of Christ Jesus and Godís exaltation of His Son to Christ and Lord who sits on His right hand.   By allowing these carvings of another in His Most Holy Place, demonstrates that He is pleased with His†† ď beloved Son.Ē 

There is the wooden table, the only furniture in The Sanctuaries.  This is where we are called to sit Spiritually and symbolically and be taught Truth by God Himself, as we submit to His Will, remembering that while we live Spiritually in The Heavens, we are still of the earth [wood] Spiritually.     Romans 8: 11.

We are to grow in the knowledge of good and evil; by the teaching of righteousness, by condemning sin as being useless and overcoming by the power of God, in whose Spirit we are.  We are to remember that there is no more sacrifice for wilful, deliberate sin.

Upon entering The Sanctuaries we are to Spiritually burn the clothes that we wore in The Outer Courts and put on our priestly linen garments which are to be kept clean from defilements through our faith in the work of the blood, and by the fire of the Altar of Burnt Offering.  This is the ongoing work of The Altar of Burnt Offering, where we spiritually shed our blood in total commitment to God.

The Priestly Garments are for those  who are  priests and Sons of God, co-heirs with Christ, and are not to be worn outside The Sanctuaries except to The Inner Court, to The Altar of Burnt Offering for oneís own personal sacrifice.  This rule is in case they inadvertently consecrate those in The Outer Courts who would become falsely identified with those in The Sanctuaries.
Ephesians 2: 18-22     John 14: 23    Ezekiel 41: 8, 1-3, 7,  42: 5     Matthew 13: 52   
Ez. 41: 17-20 †††† John 16: 13-15      1 Corinthians 2:10     Exodus 3: 2     Daniel 7: 13-14  
Ez. 41: 21-22†††††† 1 Cor.3: 7-15     1 John 5: 1-5     Acts 2: 31-36      Heb. 5: 13-14     
Rom. 8: 1-3     Heb. 10: 18††††† Rev 19: 14     Romans 12: 1-2     Ezekiel 44:17-23


As the believer enters where God is to The Mountain where Godís throne is, where His Feet are, we have entered into a relationship with God Himself.  We are Sons.

We are told that we have come to God and Mount Zion, to The Heavenly Jerusalem the city of The Living God and to Jesus whose blood speaks better than that of Able.  Here we are to know God Himself, just as we know Jesus.  Let it be understood that while the believer has gained entrance into The Outer Sanctuary, the Mountain of God in The Inner Sanctuary is inaccessible if there is Idolatry or Spiritual Prostitution, and if they should trust in The Way, [Christ Jesus] rather than ĎThe Destinationí God Himself to whom Jesus has brought us.

        Beware of nullifying Jesusí work in this regard.

Hebrews 12: 22-24     Ezekiel 43: 5-12     Romans 8:17    Ephesians 4: 5-6    John 17: 3
1 Corinthians 8: 6     1 John 2: 24-25     Ezekiel 41:10-14      Isaiah 22: 20-25

In Revelation we see The Heavenly Temple of Ezekiel being referred to several times.
In Revelation 11: 19 we see The Temple and The Ark inside.  For The Ark to be seen, this would mean that God Himself had left the Temple because  the symbol of Himself and His  Laws are  present, as it was in The Tabernacle, of The Old Testament.  But in Ezekielís Heavenly Temple, there was no Ark to be seen because God is there.   Why? What has occurred for The ark to be placed in The Heavenly Temple, in The End Times in Revelation. Why has God left it?

The preceding verses give us the clue that those who are In Christ  [those in The Sanctuaries] have been gathered to where Christ will judge them, because judgement cannot take place in The Temple.  God would be with them and this would be reason for The Ark in The Temple, because He is not present.
Mark 13: 26-27     2 Corinthians 5: 10     1 Thessalonians 4: 16     Matthew 13: 43
Matthew 7: 21-23      2 Corinthians 3:17

Revelation 11: 1   John in The Vision of Revelation is told to go and measure The Temple and the people in it.  Understanding has been given by Ezekiel as to the meaning of measuring the people, who are ĎRoomsí in The Temple, who are to be measured by John. The size of The Temple will depend upon the measurement of the people according to their growth which affects the expansion of The Heavenly Temple.  The number of people is the deciding factor as to The measurements of The Temple, and so Ezekielís Temple gives us understanding of Godís inquiry in the days prior to The Mark of The Beast, when the Church is still on earth.

Revelation 15: 5-16: 2  Here we see The Temple FROM which comes the seven final plagues cast out by the seven angels as part of Godís judgement on the earth.
God is present, as The Temple is filled with smoke from His Glory and His Power.  However no one will be able to enter The Temple until The seven Plagues of the seven angels were completed.

God was in His Temple but there were no believers in The Sanctuaries because they had been Ďexitedí by Christ for judgement.
Danielís timing for the Last Days is revealing as to the time for the church to be taken out which will be after The Mark of The Beast, but only a matter of a month, two weeks and three days. [no hour is known except to God alone].    It would be believed that in the space of time between The Mark of The Beast and the onslaught of The Plagues,  that those In Christ  will be removed from The Temple for judgement, by Christ  ie. Raptured and will not enter The Temple again.

Those who inherit will ride with Christ and put down The Beasts and with him, rule on the earth for a thousand years when The Princeís work on earth will require him to be seen in a new aspect.   He is to be seen and not to remain in a Spiritual sphere, of being unseen, just as those who do inherit will be seen even though they shall be spirit.   Those In Christ, who do not inherit will not return to The Temple, but be cast into The Fiery Furnace as they did not do the will of The Father.   So The Father closes The Temple Sanctuaries to any entrance.  The only ones in The Temple are those in The Courts who shall not be judged by God until the very end,. after Christís 1000 year Reign.
Daniel 9: 24-37,  12:11-12,     Revelation 19: 12 - 20: 12     Matt. 13: 47-50      Matt. 7: 21-23

where we see prophetically our LORD GOD Almighty as THE RIVER, which speaks of His Spirit symbolically, which He calls for us to swim in.
It is only in the understanding of God The Father as The River and that our desire is to swim in Him, according to His Will, that progress is known, to having a close relationship as a Son.   1 John 1: 3

This should give us understanding as to those  who Jesus spoke of  in The Kingdom of Heaven as Ďbeing fish,í who have been caught in a net as fish, but note their judgement if they are bad fish. Matthew 13:47-50.
God in Jeremiah 16: 15-16 prophetically speaks of  Ďfishermení who will gather His people and restore them to the land given to their forefathers, which Christ, as The Prince, will give his attention in his reign.    Ezekiel 47: 13  to  Chap.  48

In Ezekiel Chapter 47, we see the River comes from under The Door of The Outer Sanctuary, which is the threshold of  the Sanctuaries.. It flows south to The Altar of Burnt Offering, from which it flows.  This is very significant because this is where one is Baptised with The Spirit of God by Christ and gives the impression of God The Father by His Spirit reaching out, because - no one can enter The Sanctuaries unless they are in Godís Spirit, Born Again by living Spirit water.    So Christ does this work of Baptism with Holy Spirit.
By fulfilling John 16:13-15, - 23 -28, The Water will get deeper as we constantly turn to God Himself asking Him for all things, so that the Fruit of His Spirit becomes deposited in us to remain transforming us into the likeness of Christ.

By doing Godís Will His Spirit is allowed penetration into all parts of our bodies and lives, which sets us free as we  trust Him totally, without any selective  solutions and decisions, especially as Healer, deliverer, provider, and defender.  By this we mean that it is to Him we look for all things so that our authority and faith, is strengthened in God.  We reinforce The Name of Jesus, in all that we ask of God, because we are Sons of God, because of  Jesusí work so we give recognition of  his work  and establish that we have been given this authority as co-heirs with him.


To enter The Sea of Godís Spirit would indicate full continuous enjoyment because of full  continuous  trust in God The Father who would be giving us His Offerings, as we ask of Him continually.
Ephesians 4: 5-6      Matthew 13: 47-52      John 3: 3-6     Galatians 5: 16-25,  6: 9-10
2 Cor. 3: 17-18     1 John 2: 24-25†† 1 John 1:3     Romans 8: 11     2 Cor. 1: 3-11   
Eph. 3: 10-12     1 John 5: 1-5    John 16: 13-15, -23, -28    1 Cor. 2: 9-10     Rom 12: 1-2

Ezekiel 46: 16-17      Matthew 8: 12     John  15: 9-15
Many believe that they are Born Again - and are confident that they have Eternal Life.   All who would come to God would desire to have Eternal life with God.  They do not want The Lake of Fire, The Fiery Furnace, or Outer Darkness.  But Jesus speaks of these and to whom they would relate.

May the question be asked?   If Eternal Life is assured why is there the separation of those who are in The Kingdom of Christ, those who are in The Courts, from those In Christ , those in The Sanctuaries, for separate  judgements.

Ezekiel, on the matter of Inheritance speaks of it in relation to those who are subjects and those who are sons, and it is Jesus himself who clarifies the difference for us.
1 John 2: 24-25     Matthew 7: 21-23      Revelation 20: 11-12      Ephesians 5: 5-7
Hebrews 10: 19-31      Hebrews 6: 1-7. 


Those who are placed in The Kingdom of Christ, by God are called Subjects, Servants, of Christ.
The Subjects receive a gift for ministry from Christ, as a bond servant either that of the work of prophet, apostle, evangelist, teacher Ė pastor, which are not spiritual gifts.  Therefore their working will not pass on, to the believerís descendants but will be removed at the time their office ends.
It is not Christís intention that they should remain servants but become sons, because to remain a Subject is not to be Christís friend, if they have not obeyed his command to be Baptised with Holy Spirit.
Their inheritance will be Outer Darkness or The Fiery Furnace because of unbelief.  Christís Angels will sort them out, giving them to be judged by God at the end of Christís 1000 years reign.  Woe to them if Christ was to do this
Matthew 22:13 -14,  13: 37-41,  25:14 -30      Galatians 4: 6      Acts 1: 4-5     Mark 16: 14-18
Ephesians 4: 7-13     Revelation 20: 4-15.

The GIFT, given by Christ to those who are called Sons because they are Baptised with Holy Spirit -
Christís Gift to Sons of God is, to share his Spiritual inheritance.   He calls us brethren. 
As co-heirs with Christ,  God Himself gives Sons and Priests Spiritual gifts, which are to work with the Gifts given by Christ, when the Sons were Subjects.
The gift of the Prince shall never fade away, because it is Spiritual and will have a sanctifying effect for the descendants of those who are Spiritually Sons of God, which can be likened to God remembering Abraham.   1 Corinthians 7: 14-17

The subjects who are servants in Christís Kingdom are bond servants and not the same as those who are Sons of God who are called to be free servants to do Godís will as Paul did.  They are not servants because they have disobeyed the commands of Christ but servants who as Sons have willingly laid as it were their ear to be nailed to the Door as a willing servant who has gained his freedom, and continues to be faithful to God, as a Son in servitude.  The condition for Sons to inherit Eternal life is THAT WE DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER, as Christ does or be subject to The Fiery Furnace.

NB.  The children of those In Christ cannot stand on their fatherís faith even while they have had the privilege of the sanctifying effect promised by God.  They must personally believe and commit their lives to become Sons for themselves, and not to, in the face of such testimony of Truth, they shall have no excuse on their Day of Judgement.
Romans 8: 17     Hebrews 2: 10  - 3: 6     Matthew 13: 47-50,  25:14-30      Ezekiel 44: 28
Ephesians 4: 5-6, 4: 7-11,  3: 10-12     1 Corinthians 12: 4-11 and 27-31     Matthew 7: 21-23
2 Corinthians 5: 10      1 Corinthians 7: 14-17    Exodus 21: 5-7     Deut. 15: 16-17

To those who believe Christ to be God and Saviour.  Those who believe and have confidence only
in the full sufficiency of the cross, which has generally become the criteria for those unbaptised, believing that the Baptism with Holy Spirit is unnecessary or is only a subsequent work which doesnít matter in regard to inheriting Eternal Life.  Whereas it is the difference between being a subject, or a friend of Christ.
A matter of being In Death or In Life.
Mark 16: 14-16    
Colossians 1:27 not 28     Romans 8:10 not 11.

To those who have made a bridge over The River of God believing it to be just for power failing to understand that they belong to The River yet refuse to enter into all that it requires to swim strongly in it.  They remain as an observer looking and seeing, but they are fearing as to where it might take them and at what cost, in view of manís opinions who may disagree with them.
Mark 16: 14-16     Matthew 7: 21-23       Ephesians 4: 5-6

To those who are GUILTY of Spiritual Idolatry and Spiritual Prostitution.
Exodus 34: 14    Jeremiah 17: 5-18     John 17: 3     1 Corinthians 8:6     Exodus 20: 1-2.

The Lord our God, The Father is a Jealous God.  He does NOT share His Glory with any other.  No one else is His Equal.  
Isaiah 40: 25-26     Philippians 2: 5-6

To trust in anything that man originated, is an offence to God.  To trust in any other one, as God, THIS INCLUDES HIS SON,  IS AN OFFENCE TO GOD WHICH THE CHURCH IS GUILTY OF DOING, BECAUSE OF THE TRINITY.

Men may sing praises to God The Father, and pray to Him by Name, but while Jesus remains as God in their hearts, they will not hear from God, nor know the praise of God or Christ.  To have as gods eg, money and status ; these are paltry in comparison to the blasphemy of trusting in Jesus as God and Father.  The Father in Isaiah warns of this, saying ďAll that hang on this will be cut down by Him, by His zeal.Ē
Isaiah 22: 20-25     Ezekiel 44: 10-14      1 John 5: 1-5**

It is the work of The Trinity that has taken The Church into Spiritual Idolatry, creating false hopes and assumptions which have Ďcloudedí, if not fully obscured the Progressive Journey, in coming to God Himself, through Jesus as The Way to The Father and to understand what that means.
The believer may gain The Outer Sanctuary by the work of Jesus Christ, as Lamb and Baptiser and the relationship to him as their Prince.   But once The Sanctuary has been entered, it is Godís purpose in The Progressive Approach to Himself that the believer will go RIGHT ON IN THROUGH THE DOOR OF THE INNER SANCTUARY BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE GOD IS AND WHERE HE IS TO BE KNOWN  AND TRUSTED IN AS GOD ALONE.


Those who are Baptised in His Spirit, who are  In Christ, if they are guilty of Idolatry, in any form, God has said :******** 
ďThey can serve in My Temple and serve the people of The Temple,
BUT they are NOT  to come near and to serve Me as Priests, nor come near any of My Holy Things or My most Holy Offerings.  ďThey must bear their shame.Ē  
Ezekiel 44: 10-14.

Ezekiel gives warning of Spiritual Prostitution, by the selling of oneís Birthright short of its glorious purpose.  [The sin of Esau] by believing  that all needs can be met, not in Truth and Righteousness but with those who have neither, and are satisfied.   By neglecting the call, and position as Priests by not demonstrating a knowledge and burden for those who are in The Courts, who are still in  the Realm of Death and Darkness.  By failing to give any warning of the consequences, they bring themselves into identification and agreement with those in The Courts, with no declaration of distinction, because there is no knowledge or appreciation of any distinction between those in The Courts and those in The Sanctuaries.

They have no realisation of the Spiritual Work that must be accomplished on those in The Courts.  They fail to act as Sons of God doing greater things than Jesus did, for this is Godís expectation of Sons and this creates unconscious denial of oneís position in God, because they fail to see where they are Spiritually in Godís purposes for themselves.

Subsequently, Ďbecause of the lack of knowledgeí,  the People perish, which results in the priests of The Outer Sanctuary  not being taught Truth,  so sustaining the error, the church has in regard to The Spiritual Temple and its Exits and Entrances which God has said we must all preach.  Godís Plan of The Progressive Journey to Himself, has been fouled for so many.
Ezekiel 44:10-14,  16      Isaiah 22: 20-25      Mark 16: 14-18       Ezekiel 44: 15-28
Jude 1      John 16: 13-15      Matthew 7: 21-23     Ephesians 5: 8      Ephesians 2:10,  1: 17. 

We are to be like The Sons of Zadok who can enter Godís Sanctuary and come to His Table to minister and to perform service to Him and know His Offerings to Bless us, as we progress in faith in Him in all things, in ministry and our personal lives.  We can teach the people the difference between the clean and the unclean as The Father as The Spirit of Truth teaches His Truth as He has promised and we adhere to His teaching of righteousness.

We are to pray in The Spirit of God or Christ at all times because all knowledge of men and circumstances are known to them.
We will ask of The Father for all things and He will hear us.   We must trust in God ALONE and know His works.

NB.  God The Father has seven Spirits by which He does His differing works.
The Spirit of Truth, Life, Adoption, Holiness, Grace, Glory, Wisdom and Revelation, all of which operated on the believer, FOR THE FIRST TIME AT BAPTISM, AND GOES ON OPERATING AS ONE TRUSTS IN GOD, THE FATHER, THE ONE TRUE GOD BECAUSE HE IS REAL AND TRUE.
Ezekiel 44: 15-28    John 16: 23-28   John 16: 13-15     Romans 8: 26-27     Jeremiah 16: 17 
Revelation 2: 23     Ephesians 6: 10-18     Revelation 1: 4     Romans 1: 3- 4,  8:1-2.
Romans 8:15    John.15: 26    1 Peter 4: 14     Hebrews 10: 29     Eph. 1: 17     John 5: 17

Many Temples have been built in the name of God.  It began with The Tabernacle calling for the need of Davidís Temple which Solomon built.  History relates how that this was plundered for its contents.  Herodís Temple was destroyed by The Romans but God has built, through Christ, a Spiritual Temple that no one can destroy, except hinder its being built.  There is a curse of God for doing this.  
1 Corinthians 3: 17

Today in Israel, those of The Holy Covenant desire a Temple to be built, making the utensils and the accessories that would be used in the function of that Temple.
They have failed to understand that God is building a Temple through The Work of His Son, not on the earth, but in The Heavens.  They have failed Nationally to believe and to receive The Messiah and the giving of Godís Spirit.  They have failed to understand that the utensils and the accessories is speaking of men who would serve The Living God, coming to know Him through His Son, being built up as Living Stones in that Temple, where the inhabitants are Temples of God.    Exodus 37: 16 & 24.

In Ezekielís Spiritual Temple, Godís presence is real to all who would become Sons of God, to be taught Godís truth by God Himself and to fellowship with Him where He sits with Christ His Son.    1 John 1: 3
It is the Holding Place for all since the time of Adam who were seen as righteous in Godís sight, and those who have been to the cross and those who have known Baptism with Holy Spirit.  Those who have died physically and those who remain on the earth, sit together In The Heavens, in Spiritual oneness in The Temple.

The disciples of Jesus knew the reality of The Holy Ones as they saw Moses and Elijah which reveals their on going reality in Godís Realm as they continue with The Church to work together in Godís purposes today and into the days of Jesusí Reign.
Those under The Old Dispensation are with those of The New Dispensation.
As Temples of God, He can convict those of The World of sin, through us, and we are to wrestle Godís enemies in The Heavens by the power of Godís Spirit,  being the manifold Wisdom of God to Principalities and Powers.  Right there in The Heavens where all the time God is there to Bless us.

††††††††† To bestow on them a crown of beauty and oil of gladness

†††††††††††††††††† the garments of praise to be called oaks of righteousness

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† a planting of the LORD for the display of His Splendour

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Matthew 15: 13    1 Corinthians 12: 13-18  Isaiah 61: 3

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jeremiah 17: 5-12 Isaiah 52: 8-10


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