The Book of Isaiah reveals a progressive picture of Christ.  From his birth, the manner of it, and to what he would be called to be and to do.  Establishing the fact that as the Son of Man he did not come as God but as a man who had to learn obedience to His God and Father, learning to discern between good and evil.

Isaiah 7: 14-16    Hebrews 5: 7-10


Isaiah reveals the Son’s name, which was to be his work for his God and Father   The Mighty God is planning grace; The Eternal Father, a peaceable ruler.” Tenakh.  We read of God’s appointment for His Son that extended beyond his work as The Son of Man, beyond his spiritual work as Christ and Lord to believers, to the taking up of the position of King on the throne of David.

Isaiah 9: 6-7    Acts 2: 31-36    Daniel 7: 13-14


As the Son of Man, from the branch of Jesse, the father of David, he would know the fullness of God Dwelling in him by Baptism with The Spirit of God Himself, fulfilling his name to be Immanuel.

Isaiah 11: 1-5 & 10     Romans 1: 2     Colossians 1: 19    Isaiah 7: 14    Matthew 1: 23    Luke 3: 21-23


He would deliver, by the power of His Father’s Spirit, people of many lands from their yokes, spirits and gods.  This was the plan of God for the whole world, not just for Israel.

Isaiah Chapters 52 - 56    Isaiah 14: 26-27    Luke 4: 18-19    John 14: 10-12

Isaiah Chapters 61 - 63: 1-16     Acts 11: 15-18     Galatians 3: 22


As Christ and Lord, in his heavenly position, he would establish God’s Throne and His plan of salvation for all mankind. (psalm 45: 6).  Through his works as Lamb of God and Baptiser with Holy Spirit, mankind would be able to escape from The Death Realm and enter Life to know God His Father.

They would be free to come right to the Throne of God.


Psalm 45: 2-5 & 7    Hebrews 1: 8    Romans 1: 3-4    John 1: 29-34    Psalm 67: 17-20    (Ephesians 4: 7-10)    Ephesians 3: 10-12


Through the works of His Son, GOD would be able to establish ZION and in her His afflicted people could find peace.  ZION, the place of the NAME OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.      Isaiah 18: 7


It will be as King on the earth that he shall establish a throne in love and as a man of faithfulness he will judge with justice and will speed the cause of righteousness.

Isaiah 16: 5

It is THE DAY that he enters into that position that we see the fulfilment of Isaiah 22: 25.  The Day of The Trampling, is the day that we see Christ as The JUDGE OF THE NATIONS.

This is The Day that he is removed by His God and Father into his next role as King on David’s Throne.  This is by God’s own word.  His word of command, which is like a Sword.

Isaiah 22: 5    Revelation 19: 11-21    Isaiah 63: 6    Isaiah 22: 25    Daniel 7: 13-14

For Nations whom God condemned to be trampled, Christ The King will tread the wine press, of the fury of the wrath of God.

God’s fury is for all who have denied Him, what He had planned for all who would trust Him : Lack of repentance, no faith in Him.

Isaiah 22: 5-14    Isaiah 24: 1-13 & 17-23


Christ, as King, will move into God’s appointed position and with him will come those of the church whom Christ has judged, those who are Baptised with Holy Spirit who have inherited eternal life, because they have been over-comers, with full faith in the One True God.  They have known His power in their lives in all aspects, doing the will of God, as Jesus did. 

Christ shall judge the church, those who are Baptised with Holy Spirit.  This is His final work to the Body before he is positioned by God as King.

His work as King will not be easy.

2 Corinthians 5: 10    1 Thessalonians 4: 16    Revelation 2: 26-29    Revelation 20: 4    Matthew 7: 21-23    Revelation 19: 11-15




This is the showdown between Shebna, (type of Anti-Christ) and Eliakim, (type of Christ).

Isaiah 22: 15-25    2 Kings 18: 19-31

In that day The Anti-Christ reign shall terminate with Christ taking over his Kingship on David’s Throne for 1,000 years.

Daniel 7: 13-14    Revelation 20: 1-6

Shebna and Eliakim, in the times of Isaiah, were stewards of the Palace of Hezekiah – It is not unusual for God to use types in order that they represent what work and position Christ would do and be.  They are types in God’s prophetic message.  Joshua is the type of Christ, as God’s servant and branch.

Zechariah 3 is a typical example. 

Shebna is used because of his high-mindedness and presumptuous thinking.



As for Shebna, who is The Picture/Symbolically of The Anti-Christ, to whom Satan will give his Throne.  He will be cast into The Lake of Fire with the False Prophet.  Satan, whose spirit Shebna has, will NOT meet his judgement until after The One Thousand Year reign by Christ.    Revelation 13: 2    Revelation 20: 1-10

Revelation 19: 11-21    Revelation 20: 7-10    Isaiah 22: 15-19


The day MUST COME FOR HIM TO ENTER THE POSITION OF KING.  IT WILL BE THE DAY OF THE TRAMPLING when The Anti Christ type Shebna is destroyed and Eliakim (Christ) is enthroned. 

Daniel 7: 9-14    Revelation 19: 11 - 20: 6.

Christ Is Clothed Already For Kingship.  Daniel 10: 4-14, reveals Christ before he came as The Son of Man with robes befitting a King.  He holds the Key of David.

Revelation 3: 7    Isaiah  20: 22-24


Eliakim  the type of Christ, prophetic of his work.   Daniel 10: 5-6


Revelation 1: 12-20 reveals Christ, with the same apparel as is described in Isaiah 22: 20-21 as being on Eliakim whom God has used as a type of Christ, THE ONE WHO WAS DRIVEN IN LIKE A PEG, into the position of honour for the house of His Father, by God.

Acts 2: 29-36.    Revelation 3: 7.   He who as to his human nature was a descendant of David.    Romans 1: 3

In Isaiah 22: 20-25, we see a prophecy to the positioning of Christ by God….

LIKE A PEG IN A FIRM PLACE.   Isaiah 22: 20-23


N.B.  For the seat of honour for the house of HIS FATHER, NOT CHRIST’S HONOUR.


We see a Prophet’s Word of Judgement upon all those who caused THE PROFANITY OF CHRIST, by replacing his person with their beliefs about his person that are conclusive as to who he is; amplifying from his true position, as Son of God, to that of God Himself.

The honour for His Father has been given to Christ.  Believers are hanging themselves on him rather than God our Father.


This was the one whom God Himself was to reveal to them, all about His Son and what belonged to him.  Error has revealed Christ to be what he is NOT.

1 Corinthians 2: 10-16     John 14: 6    John 16: 13-15     1 Corinthians 8: 6



Praise God that man cannot foul up what are God’s purposes for His Son, from entering into His future work and Position as King on David’s Throne for 1,000 years.  The zeal of the LORD ALMIGHTY shall accomplish this, and the enemies of God shall be judged.  The days shall be like those of Noah – Jesus said “Giving in marriage and eating and drinking”.

Matthew 24: 38.    Isaiah 22: 7-13  There will be in the world little or no faith and trust in God, irresponsible with ‘No Repentance’. 

Of those days, Jesus Himself, asked that question,  “Shall there be faith (in God) when I return?”  Luke 18: 8.    2 Peter 3: 1-13


Who Are The Load on The Peg?


They are unbaptised with Holy Spirit believers who cling to Christ, as God, presumptuous in their belief that they are righteous in what they believe.

As well there are those who have gone on to know Christ’s work as Baptiser with Holy Spirit, but who do not realize the value of his work nor of their position with The One True God, The Father.  So they also cling to Christ.  Their faith trust and dependence is on Christ and not God The Father and all His Fullness.    Ephesians 3: 14-19



All the hangers on are represented as offspring (of Israel) and the offshoots (Gentiles).

They are as lesser vessels, bowls and jars     Romans 11: 11-24    Isaiah 22: 20-24


This is to be understood in the light of The Tabernacle, which had in its Holy Place a Table which represented the work of Christ.  On this Table were vessels called Articles, which spiritually speaks of those who are in the Kingdom of Christ but not The Kingdom of Heaven, as they are unbaptised with Holy Spirit by Christ. 

Mark 16: 16    Matthew 13: 37-41    Colossians 1: 27    Matthew 13: 47-50

The Offshoots, Offspring, Vessels, Bowls….confirms who is on The Peg – all who believed in Jesus and for what IS HIS work, i.e. the cross and or Baptism.


Together they cling, together to their belief of Christ, and do not enter THE HOLY OF HOLIES.  The Baptised have ENTERED the Kingdom of Heaven, yet they still remain in faith where they are – on the Peg, forgetting the fullness of Christs work is to take us to His God and Father.  They forget he is the access ‘The Way’ to The Father.  He is NOT THE DESTINATION, the place to stay HANGING ONTO.

Exodus 37: 10-16    39: 36-37    40: 22-25    37: 17-24    25: 37-40    17: 24

Matthew 13: 47-50    Colossians 1: 28    Revelation 1: 4  &  4: 5    John 14: 6    John 20: 17


If believers, whether those Baptised or unbaptised, continue to cling in faith to false beliefs concerning Christ : believing him to be God and trusting in him as such, they shall know God’s cutting down,  AS HE SHEARS OFF THE MAN MADE PEG.   Isaiah 25.


To those who do not believe that Jesus is God, it is required to know that knowledge alone is not enough to please our God The Father.  God does not excuse ignorance of Himself, nor the lack of asking of Him for all things, nor the lack of faith that is revealed by the lack of obedience to His Will and purpose.  Note Isaiah 22: 12-14


To the unbaptised who do not believe that Jesus is God, one must go on to know God the Father through the work of Christ as Baptiser with Holy Spirit.  It is only then that one can move faith in God as He expects of all who love Him.

Mark 16: 14-18    Hebrews 6: 1-3    Ephesians 5: 20    John 16: 23-28    Romans 6: 2-14    Colossians 2: 9-13    John 14: 10-23


What God puts in place remains until His time of removal.  Mans pegs give way and are to be sheared of by God.


ON THE DAY OF TRAMPLING, those who hang on this belief, shall know the judgement of God Himself.  The PEG of man’s promotion of Christ to God, has blemished the Body of Christ and more so bound Christ’s work to the Unbaptised and for the Baptised the blessings of knowing The One True God are unrealized.  Exodus 34: 14  Do not worship any other god, for the LORD whose name is Jealous, is a JEALOUS GOD.


On That Day, when Christ will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God, HE WILL ENTER HIS role of King of Kings

Before that day all In Christ would have been judged by Christ and those who inherit will be with Christ on that day.


On That Day, those who have through misguidance created Christ to be God, and have hung on him as such, will know their ‘error’  :  Too Late!  On that day nations who would side with evil will know defeat from God’s army of great spiritual force.  The beasts dealt with.


Isaiah 22: 5    Revelation 19: 11-21    Revelation 14: 19-20    Revelation 6: 12-16


Isaiah 24  speaks of yet another day which will take place AFTER the 1,000 year reign of Christ.



Isaiah 22: 25  Is the Day of Trampling by Christ with those who will ride with him, that the church and those who say they believe in Jesus Christ must give attention to in order not to fall and be part of those who will be cut down because they are simply not in the right place, seated with Christ and God The Father in The Inner Sanctuary of God’s Temple.

Ezekiel Chpts. 42 - 47

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