It was before the creation of the earth that Sons of God ARE TO BE HOLY AND BLAMELESS.

They were to be HOLY AND BLAMELESS, before man was created.

At the time of Creation, Satanís fall to become an enemy of God, HAD NOT TAKEN PLACE.

Ezekiel 28: 13-19††† Isaiah 14: 12-17††† Genesis 3: 24††† (Genesis 6:2)†††

God would have angelic beings to be Holy and Blameless or they could not stand before Him.


His purpose was the same for Adam, with the expectation of man to live before Him and to be Holy and Blameless.They were to do so IF THEY WOULD GO to heaven that God had prepared : Heavens that He wanted to fill.

As a result of Adamís sin no man ever entered heaven.John 3: 13


However, as a result of Jesusí work for His God and Father, man can now enter the heavenlies, sit in the heavenlies and stand with all boldness before the Father ON THE CONDITION that they know the work of the cross for TRESPASSES andknow the work of Baptism with Holy Spirit, which is only given to those who know the preceding, potent work of being raised out of death by God the Father Himself.

Ephesians 2: 6††† Colossians 3: 1-3††† Romans 5: 15-21††† Galatians 3: 14


It is only due to this work that one knows the Fatherís Promise because of being raised by Him out of death and forgiven ALL SINS.One is then seen as being Holy and Blameless, without condemnation.This is what a believer must know to enter the position of being a Son of God, Co-heir with Christ, by whose work and obedience to His God and Father, a believer can enter this position.

Colossians 2: 13††† Romans 8: 1-2††† Romans 8: 17††† Romans 8: 28-30




This is an awesome position and it is for all who would choose to do the Will of God The Father.


N.B.:It is what a man chooses that will determine being chosen to enter eternal life, or be rejected.This is determined by obedience to Godís Will.

Ephesians 1: 13-14


Through Christ, the heavens become open for those who believe.†† His work is to fill the heavens;but he well not with apathetic believers but only with those who do His God and Fatherís Will.††††† Romans 8: 29-30

i.e.TO KNOW the work of the cross.†† Galatians 3: 22††

TO KNOW the Baptism with Holy Spirit†† John 1: 29††† Matthew 3: 11-12

Galatians 3: 14††† Romans 6: 2-14††† Colossians 2: 9-13††† Romans 2: 29**††† Jeremiah 9: 25

These are those who are IN CHRIST which means to be IN THE BODY OF CHRIST Ė

1 Corinthians 12: 13-18**†† See Colossians 1: 27 (speaking of the work through the cross : Christ In You)††† Colossians 1: 28 (speaking of the work through Baptism with Holy Spirit : You IN CHRIST)

Romans 8: 10 & 11


It is only those IN CHRIST who sit in the heavenliesÖ.and it is only those IN CHRIST who will be RAISED OR TAKEN FIRST.1 Thessalonians 4: 16, and who will be Judged by Christ.

Matthew 7: 21-23††† 2 Corinthians 5: 10††† Revelation 20: 4-6


It is not only an eternal destiny that God has chosen for man but a glory of being Sons of God who are to be HOLY AND BLAMELESS before Him.

By not being this, man chooses HIS OWN ETERNAL DESTINY, and will know cursing and not blessing.

Salvation, full salvation is for all men to CHOOSE.Galatians 3: 22.This salvation which God and His Son paid a great price for it to be possible for those who would choose to be right before God.

Ephesians 3: 14

Jesus was Godís Lamb.†† John 1: 29




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