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CONNECTIONS:†† Some Christians are very much against the thought that any one Truth of God would require another verse to make it true.


CONNECTIONS are not denying that a Truth can be held in one verse of Scripture but that other verses are able to deepen, widen and heighten that one verse.


Each verse of Scripture is true and with other verses that Truth can fulfil the whole purpose of the matter, whatever aspect of the Gospel is being spoken about.


The many verses CONNECTED ARE IN AGREEMENT WITH EACH OTHER, putting on flesh and GIVING THE SHAPE, to Godís whole story that we are to know in all its fullness and intention from the Old and the New Testaments.


The reader of Godís Word should be able to look at a collection of verses and from them tell what is its full message.

In a list of Connections one can go straight from the middle to the end of them or from the end to the beginning and the story will still hold because they are all Godís Truth.

They compliment and enlarge truth not simply to accommodate any of oneís convictions.They test and strengthen the frame of our understanding.


May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ give you the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation so that you may know Him better as The Spirit of Truth, He will lead into ALL HIS TRUTHS.

Ephesians 1: 17†††††† John 16: 13-15††††††††††† 1 Corinthians 2: 9-10



Scriptures used N.I.V








John 16: 13Ė15††††††††† 1 Corinthians 2: 9-10†††† †††1 John 2: 26-27

By God the Father teaching us His Truths, His Word will spread out and expand and deepen so that we gain the appreciation, the strengthening of oneís inner mind and joy which can only be achieved through God the Father teaching us.

God the Father, as the author of the written Word of God and Jesus who was/is the Word of God taught by connections to lead us into his Truths by these connections -




Isaiah 55: 11†† ††††† Speaks of the wells of salvation.

Numbers 21: 16-17 †††† is the Song that promised a well of God given water from God the

John 1:33 ††††††††††††††††††††† Father that is given by Christ, The Baptism with Holy Spirit.

John 4:13-14 †††††††††††††††† The Spiritual Water that Jesus promised to give when asked, is

John 14: 13-17 ††††††††††† The Baptism with Holy Spirit, named The Spirit of Truth which

Rev. 1: 4 ††††††††††††††††††††† is one of God the Fatherís Seven Spirits.

John 7: 37-39 ††††††††††††††† Jesus spoke of water that will flow out from our bellies, speaking of the Spirit that was given at Pentecost.Acts 2: 4


Acts 2: 4††† Joel 2: 28-30†††† Peter declared the fulfilment of Jesusí words and Joelís prophecy regarding the Day when the Spirit of God was poured out upon all people.

Acts 11: 15-18 ††††††††††††† Was the realization of this fact by the Apostles that Godís Spirit was and is to be continually poured out on the Gentiles.God giving them repentance unto Life.

Gal. 3:14 †††††††††††††††††††††† The believer is redeemed in order to receive the Promised Spirit of God which is given by Christ as Baptiser with Holy Spirit.

Eph.3: 14-19††††††††††††††††† It is Godís will that all men are to know His Fullness by His Spirit, who

Eph.4: 5-6 †††††††††††††††††††† would be over, in, and through them.


Matthew 3: 11-12††† John 3: 3-8†††† Hebrews 10:22b.††† All speak of the work achieved in being Born of Water and Spirit which is the living water of God the Fatherís Spirit who spiritually washes our bodies by His Spirit through our being Baptised with His Holy Spirit, by Christ and to drink the One Spirit, which is the Spirit of The Father who makes our mortal bodies,†† alive.


Our bodies are not washed in the blood; it is our Garments that are to be kept clean by the work of the Blood.††† Revelation 7: 14††† 1 John 1: 7-10

1 Corinthians 12: 13†††† Romans 8: 11

John 14: 23††††††††††††††††† Is the result and fulfilment of Ezekiel 36: 27-28 and Matthew 3: 11-12

Acts 1: 4-5††††††††††††††††† is the command for all redeemed believers who have Christís spirit in them, but NOT THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

The Command to be filled with the Spirit is to the already baptised with Holy Spirit.This is in regard to the outgoing of The Spirit in and through ministry IN THE WILL OF GOD.

This relates to the Parables of the Ten Virgins.†† Matthew 25: 1-13.


Rom. 6: 3-14††† Col. 2: 9-13††† these texts are generally used at WATER BAPTISM as a sign that this work has been done in the believer at the time of coming to the Cross.

RATHER it is describing the Spiritual work of Christ and of God being done BEFORE BAPTISM WITH HOLY SPIRIT.

The full work for manís salvation was fully accomplished on the cross.However salvation is progressive and it is as we progress from The World to Reconciliation with God that each step on that Way is to be recognized as to what work is achieved.Each step depends upon the believer ASKING OF GOD AND CHRIST, firstly for Redemption from the curse of Adam AND THEN FOR BAPTISM WITH HOLY SPIRIT BY CHRIST WHO IS THE WAY AND ACCESS TO GOD.

Romans 8: 10-11††† Gal. 1: 1††† Acts 8: 12†††† Acts 8: 14Ė17†††† Mark 16: 13-18††† Romans 8: 1-2†††† Ephesians 2: 18-22


Isaiah 58: 8-9†† to be baptised with The Spirit of God-Living Water, God said:

ďThen your light will break forth as the dawn and your healing will quickly appear.Then your Righteousness will go before you, and the Glory of The Lord will be your rear guard.Then you will call and the LORD will answer.You will cry for help and He will say:ďHere I am.ĒJohn 16: 23-28




The Spirit of Truth is ONE OF GOD THE FATHERíS SEVEN SPIRITS, which are manifested by His One Spirit.Revelation 1: 4†††† 4: 5

GODíS WORD Ė His Truth is Himself and He never changes.He will see to it that what He has designed AS THE WAY to Himself will not be moved because it would make Him out to be a Liar.

The Amplified Bible in Zechariah 3: 9 describes the One God with Seven Spirits as The All Embracing Providence of God and the Sevenfold Radiations of The Spirit of God.

John 15: 26 Truth,†† Romans 1: 3-4 Holiness,†† Romans 8: 1-2 Life,†† Romans 8: 15 Adoption,

Ephesians 1: 17 Wisdom and Revelation,†† 1 Peter 4: 14 Glory,†† Hebrews 10: 29 Grace.


John 14: 13-23 ††††††††††††† Jesus refers to The Spirit of Truth

2 Corinthians 1: 3†† ††††††† who is the Another Comforter and Counsellor, God The Father

Acts 1: 4-5 ††††††††††††††††††† whose Spirit we are commanded to receive by Baptism.

John 15: 26††††††††††††††††† Jesus was telling the disciples that the Counsellor/Comforter who proceeds from the Father as the Spirit of Truth would testify about Jesus,

1 Corinthians 12: 3 ††††††† through the believer when baptised with Holy Spirit, saying Jesus is Lord.††† WHY?

Romans 2: 29 ††††††††††††††† Because the believer has been spiritually circumcised, raised out of Death Realm The believer is Born Again of Godís Spirit, a new creation in the Spiritual body of Christ i.e. ĎIn Christí

1 Cor. 12: 18 †††††††††††††††† where only God the Father can place us.

Matt.15: 13


Romans 10: 9 ††††††††††††††† It is a condition of salvation to have testified Jesus is Lord by God:

Gal. 1: 1†††††††††††††††††††††††† believing that God raised Jesus from the Dead.Ephesians 1: 19-20

Rom. 1: 3-4†† †††††††††††††††† the Spirit of Truth who will teach us what He has given

John. 16: 13-15††††††††††††† Jesus††††††† and

John 16: 8-15†††††††††††††††† convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgement.

John 6: 44††††††††††††††††††††† It is The Father who points Jesus as The Way to Himself, and confirms Jesus

John 17: 3††††††††††††††††††††† as The Son of God in whom all men are to believe if they would know

Eternal life in The Kingdom of God.

John 4: 24††††††††††††††††††††† To worship God in Spirit and in Truth can only be accomplished by those who do the will of God†† the Father as God alone, asking of Him ALL THINGS and giving Him ALL PRAISE, which we can because of Jesusí work.

John 16: 23-28†††† 1 Corinthians 2: 10†††† Ephesians 5: 20


God the Father is God alone, who works by His Seven Spirits and to the Baptised believer He is deliverer, provider, and healer, to enjoy the Fullness of His New Covenant, by His writing His Laws that are all Truth, on our hearts and in our minds.We are to take the Belt of Truth, which is the knowledge of Truth from which will cause us to be powerful against all His enemies, to be His manifold witness, as we depend upon Him as The One True God.

Truth of God from God is not to be knowledge only for the mind, but with determined dedication of heart and mind to Truth: this gives continuity of the Spirit of life to our mortal bodies transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ, and having the same aroma as he does.

Revelation 1: 4††† Hebrews Chaps 8: 10-13&10: 15-18††† 1 Timothy 4: 10††† Ephesians 6: 10-18††† Eph.3: 10-12††† John 17: 3††† Exodus 20: 2-3††† 2 Corinthians 2: 14-17




ALL the Old Testament Holy Ones were accounted Righteous by God.

Gen 4: 17-18&5: 21-24,††† Gen. 15: 10-17††† Gen. 17: 1††† Romans Chapter 4††† Hebrews 6: 13-15††† Hebrews 11


Hebrews 11Tells us about the Holy Ones, who when they died were caused to wait in Paradise with others such as Enoch and Methuselah who were before the flood because Heaven was closed due to The Curse invoked by Adamís sin.

John 3: 13†††† Romans 5: 12-14†††† 1 Corinthians 15: 21


Matthew 27:51-53

Isaiah 26: 19††††††††††††††††† These Holy Ones were raised at the time of Jesusí death because they had

Heb. 9: 24††††††††††††††††††††† been judged already righteous, by God at the time of their death.

Eph.4: 7-10††††††††††††††††††† they went with Christ when he ascended back to his God and Father

Acts 2: 31-36†††††††††††††††† to an open heaven, which had been secured by Jesusí blood

Eph.2: 18-22††††††††††††††††† they have been positioned as the foundation of the Spiritual Temple†††† where Christ is The Cornerstone.

1 Peter 2: 4-8

Isaiah 52: 7-10†††††††††††††† They will rule with Christ during Christís 1000 year

Rev. 20: 4-6†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† reign on earth with those In Christ who have done the will of God the Father.

Matt. 7: 21-23††††††††††††††† They will have a part with God in the judgement of ungodly men.


They wait for us so that together we enter the Fullness of Godís promises of an Eternal City.

It was the righteousness of The Holy Ones to God and their bondage from receiving all God wanted for them due to Adamís sin, that God planned a Criteria of Salvation to deal with all that stood against them and those who would please God.

Zechariah Chap.14†††† Heb.11: 39-40†††††† Hebrews 11: 10†††††† Revelation chaps. 21-22




Romans 3: 21-22†††† Philippians 3: 9-12

Gal.3: 5-6†††††††††††††††††††††† God has said that those who believe in the work of His Son shall know a

John 3: 16††††††††††††††††††††† work, not possible under the Law of Moses.

Rom. 3: 1†††††††††††††††††††††† They could receive a righteousness, OF THEIR OWN from God,

Phil. 3: 7-10††††††††††††††††††† judged and given before physical death, received while mortal.


John 1: 29††††††††††††††††††††† First the believer, is to repent towards God and believe on Jesus, as the

Acts 20: 21†††††††††††††††††††† Lamb of God to be redeemed†††† Gal. 3:14

Rom.3: 25††††††††††††††††††††† As a result, past sins are forgiven by God and are given Christís Righteousness,

by placing Christís Spirit in the spirit of the believer.
††††††††† They are placed in Christís Kingdom Not Heaven,Matthew 13: 37-42††† NOT Matthew 13: 47-50

Rom.8: 10††††††††††††††††††††† BECAUSE

Rom 6: 6††††††††††††††††††††††† The Body of Sin must be dealt with to gain oneís own righteousness

Mark 16: 14-18††††††††††††† FROM GOD to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.Unbelief of this fact, one is condemned.
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† To have Christís Righteousness is not

Rom. 6: 3-14††††††††††††††††† Describes THE POWERFUL AND A VERY IMPORTANT

Col.2: 9-13†††††††††††††††††††† INSTANTANEOUS SPIRITUAL PROCESS, to deal with The Body of Sin

Rom. 8: 11††††††††††††††††††† for one to enter into a Covenant with God having no condemnation, having been raised to life by Godís Spirit of Holiness, The Spirit of Life and all given their own Righteousness.

Romans 8: 1-2††††† Romans 1: 3-4††† Hebrews 8: 10-13††† Hebrews 10: 15-18††† John 14: 23

Hebrews 5: 13-14we are to be taught righteousness and God will write His Laws on our hearts and minds.


We are to do the will of God the Father and only those, Sons of God, who continue in righteousness doing The Fatherís will, will inherit Eternal Life.This will be the judgement of those In Christ by Christ.

2 Corinthians 5: 10††† 1 Thessalonians 4: 16††† Matthew 13: 47-50.†††† Matthew 7: 21-23




Hebrews 8: 10-12†††††††††† To deliberately to continue in Sin is being like the First Adam.

Hebrews 10: 15-18†††††† Those who are said to be righteous by the work of God and Christ if

Hebrews 10:29-32†††††† they are guilty of this, God has said there is no further sacrifice.




When Jesus made his declaration that His Father and he were one, he knew the authority he had been given by his God and Father, declaring prophetically his works and his Fatherís works in relation to each other and mankind and their progressive spiritual work that was to come to pass. ††John 6: 29


John 10: 30††††††††††††††††† Jesus had many discourses with the Pharisees before, BUT this declaration of his oneness with His God and Father horrified the Pharisees.
They believed he was saying that he was God as the Church, in error, does today.


John 17: 7-12†††††††††††††††† Jesusí prayer to God his Father that all believers should have the same ďoneness of one mind, aim and purpose
is powerful for a believer to be a Son of God and co heir with Christ, to know Godís will as Jesus did.


Phil.1: 29 - 2:2†††††††††††††† As Sons of God in whom God The Fatherís Spirit is over all, in all and through all, are ĎIn Christí and are New Creations in the One Spirit.
We are expected to seek to have the mind of Christ to manifest the same Oneness with God and Christ in our service to our living God in that we know and do Godís Will in ALL MATTERS.

Ephesians 4: 5-6††† Phil.1: 29 - 2:2†††† Romans 6: 3-14&Colossians 2: 9-13 are the Instantaneous Spiritual Process†††† Romans 8: 15-17††† Romans 12: 1-2


John17: 11†††††††††††††††††††† It is oneness with God the Father, the ONE TRUE GOD, and with

Eph. 3: 10-12†††††††††††††††† Christ as the Son of God, that the church is to be the Manifold Wisdom of God to Principalities and Powers.





Luke 2: 29-32†††††††††††††††† Simeonís praise was to God at the sight of the child Jesus who will be a
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Light to the gentiles.

Luke 3: 4-6†††††††††††††††††††† through him all mankind shall see Godís Salvation.

Gal.3: 14††††††††††††††††††††††† The covenants and promises made with Israel alone, have flowed on to

Heb.8: 7-13††††††††††††††††† whosoever believes, of Jew or Gentile,

John 1: 29-34†††††††††††††††† in the Full work of Christ as Lamb of God and Baptiser with

Acts 11: 17-18†††††††††††††† Holy Spirit.


Peter spoke revelation that the promise of Godís Spirit was for Israel and is now for the Gentiles who come spiritually to Mt Zion and The Spiritual Jerusalem, through Baptism with Holy Spirit.

Many gentile believers, believe that Pentecost was only a sign for Israel, denying the need of Godís Spirit and to their loss, the promise of inheriting Eternal Life together with those of Israel who deny the coming of Jesus as Godís Son, The Messiah


Like Abraham who believed Godís promises by faith so must we believe what Jesus has said of Godís Promised Spirit.To deny Jesusí Words of command, regarding Baptism, is to deny Godís Word and Christís place and work in it all.For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son in order that believers receive the promised Spirit of God.

Heb. 12: 24-28††† Mk.16: 13-18††† Acts 1: 4-5††† Gal. 3:14††† John 12: 44-50††† John 14: 13-17††† John 1: 29-34

In Jeremiah Chaps.38 and Isaiah 56††† Dan. Chap.9††† Dan. 10: 14††† Dan.7: 9-14††† Acts 1: 6-11††† Zech. 14†† andRev. 20: 4-6all speak of Israel and her restoration


This was the main concern of the disciples before Jesusí ascension and to which Jesus said he did not know as it was in His Fatherís control.††† We know restoration to Israel will be through Christ, as King for 1000 years and the world will be blest and will see prophecies to Israel fulfilled.


Lev. 4: 3-21††† Romans 8: 3†††† Matthew 1: 21 †††Jesus was specifically a sin offering for Israel as was prophesied to Joseph by an angelďHe shall save HIS PEOPLE from their sins.ĒAs those who had shed the blood of The Prophets and The Christ they were obligated to shed their blood, which Jesus did for them as a Son of Israel.

Atonement for this can only be realized for an individual Israelite to say, ďBlessed is he who comes in the name of The Lord God.Ē†††††† Matthew Chap. 23 ***As designated in Scripture by this, God tidied up everything of The Old Testament to take His Blessings and an Open Door to Himself to the whole world, by His Son as a Sin Offering


John 10: 34††† Israel was seen by God as Ďgodsí because The Word of God had been given to them and God had established them as a witness to Himself.At the Cross God The Father was establishing a New Covenant and those of Israel who had believed, before Jesusí Death like the disciples had been sanctified by believing Godís Word that Jesus spoke.†† John 17: 14-19††† John 12: 44-50


Romans Chap. 9††† Israel must realize God the Father is The One who has been and is over all to bring to fruition His Plan of Salvation through Christ as Jesus who was of the community of Israel and his ministry to Israel was to speak Godís Last Word to them, and introduce a New Way to which they must come and adhere to in order to be saved.

The Word of God in its prophecies has said that only a remnant of Israel will be saved during the Last Terrible Days.Those who are faithful will be recognized by God and delivered.

Revelation Chap. 7†††† Joel Chap. 2: 32††† Hebrews 11: 13†††† Matthew 7: 21-23




2 Sam. 23: 3††††††††††††††††† The Spirit of God spoke through David.That is recognized as speaking

Acts 2: 4-16†††††††††††††††† in Tongues that the apostles and believers spoke on the Day of Pentecost

Joel 2: 18†††††††††††††††††††††† LIKE THE SPIRIT OF GOD HIMSELF†††† speaking through David.

Mark 16: 15-17††††††††††††† Jesus said that when the apostles were Baptised with Holy Spirit that they

John 15: 26††††††††††††††††† would speak IN NEW TONGUES On THAT Day they would receive The

1 Cor.12: 3†††††††††††††††††††† Spirit of Truth of God the Father who would testify through them,

Rom. 10: 9†† ††††††††††††††††† ďJESUS IS LORDĒ because the believer had been raised by God from

Rom.2: 29††††††††††††††††††††† The Death Realm and Baptised by Christ.††† Out of Death and into Life.

Rom. 10: 9†††††††††††††††††††† Is the Criteria for Salvation.

Acts 1: 4-5†††††††††††††††††††† Jesus commanded the apostles to be Baptised, in order to

know a strong spiritual work of Rom. 6: 3-14††† Col. 2: 9-13 which is

A work done by God and Christ to deliver us from the Body of Sin.


Rom.8: 27-28†††††††††††††††† God by His Spirit declaring, ďJesus is Lord.Ē is the confirmation through the believer of being Born Again and being a New Creature In Christ.It is the beginning of speaking the spiritual language in tongues, by God, which is intended to continue by the believer.This is NOT related to the Gift of Tongues which is a spiritual Gift given selectively according to Godís Will at Baptism, when the Baptised believer is Baptised by God into Ďthe Body of Christí.The Prayer Language group consists of God and Christ and the believer, which is to continue without ceasing.

1 Corinthians 12: 3-18††† John 14: 23††† Romans 8: 26-27††† Jude 1: 20††† Ephesians 6: 18††† 1 Corinthians Chap 14††† Romans 12: 2-8




There has been confusion in relation to the Gift of Tongues many believing that not to speak in Tongues is O.K. not realizing this means that the believer has not confessed Jesus is Lord by The Spirit of God and are therefore not IN Christ.

All Baptised believers are given a Spiritual gift that is listed in 1 Corinthians 12: 4-11.ALL Baptised believers ARE TO SPEAK IN THE SPIRITUAL PRAYER LANGUAGE BY TONGUES, BYTHE INDIVIDUAL, FOR THE INDIVIDUAL, TO GOD AND CHRIST FOR FELLOWSHIP.


Jude 1: 20††† Ephesians 6: 10-18††† Romans 8: 26-27††† 1 John 1: 3

God the Father and Christ speak to the Church as a Body, in the Spiritual Language by Tongues.


Rev.22: 19††† Ephesians 4: 7-11†††††† God the Father is the Spirit of all Prophetís Words.The Gift of Prophet is given by Christ and will not operate unless the believer is baptised with Holy Spirit, because The Spirit and the Life of The Message is of God as is the Gift of Interpretation, which is required to explain Godís Message in our language.


Rev. 19:10††† 1 Corinthians 12: 10†††† Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy which is a Spiritual Gift given by God to the baptised with Holy Spirit, when He baptises the believer into The Body of Christ just where He wants them to be.This is a message from Christ as head of The church.

The Gift of interpretation works alongside the Gift of Word of Knowledge, which will interpret the Prophecy, which is NOT the same as The Prophet gift.

1 Cor. 12:3-11††† The Gift of Tongues, like all other Spiritual Gifts are given by God to whom He chooses, and are for the common good of the church / body.

Eph. 4:7-11††† While the Gifts that Christ gives are Not Spiritual Gifts, all the spiritual gifts of God and those of Christ are to work together to achieve the Fullness of God for the church.


Spiritual Gifts given by God and Christís gifts belong to the individual and they will be called to give an account as to their faithfulness and obedience to Christ and God as to when and why they were used in Godís purposes.

1 Corinthians 12: 27-31†††† John 16: 13-28††† Ephesians 3: 14-19††† Matthew 25: 14-30

Ephesians 3: 10-12††† 1 John 1: 3††† 1 John 2: 24-25†††† 2 Corinthians 5 10††† Revelation 20: 5-12








Natural man is born under the Power and Penalty of Sin because of Adamís sin.They all physically and spiritually reside in darkness and The Death Realm : Romans 5: 12-17.

Men who would seek God found it hard to carry out what their spirit and desires were.

Men who would call upon the Lord; when they died, waited in Paradise, because heaven was closed due to Adamís sin.

The earth and its creative force had become cursed, because of manís continual sin.

Who, but God, could help.

Rom.5: 12††† Rom.8: 18-22††† John 3: 13††† Heb. Chap 11††† Isaiah 59: 14-16††† Rev.2: 7/11/26-29††† Rev. 3: 5/11-12/21††† Isaiah 57: 1-2**



Because He is Love, and especially to those who seek Him.Isaiah 57: 1-2

He needed to revoke The Curse and deliver them into the position of being Holy and blameless as He had planned for them when they were created by Him.Ephesians1: 3-4

He needed to be in and through those Sons of God in order for them to do His Will and be over-comers against all who would be His enemies and theirs against them serving the Living God.†† Revelation 2: 17††† Ephesians 4: 5-6

He needed to open heaven in order that all who would obey Him, before their physical death, would be given spiritual entrance into His immediate presence and into Heaven, where His Throne is.†† John 3: 13††† Ephesians 2: 6††† Ezekiel 43: 10-12

He wanted to create Sons of God to deal with the decay of the creation.



Because all is the result of the Curse on mankind, and it WAS GODíS WORD: it was fixed and it is still so today to unbelievers.To be revoked for His New will to be a surety for those who would believe HE MUST DIE.

John 3: 16††† Hebrews 9: 15-18

God began His Plan immediately after The Flood and we saw its fulfilment at the Cross.

Genesis 9: 5-6 is the plan of God who amazingly put Himself into the position of obligation to mankind, who would be obligated first to do His Will to shed blood to God.THE Word Obligation is the meaning of Justified, which calls for reward if carried out but punishment if NOT.God the Father always entered The Word IF.



It is a Redemptive Plan of miraculous proportion for man if they shed their blood.In His Plan the shed blood of animals was to be accounted for when men shed their blood, by their animal, in obedience to God.

Just as God had caused man to be obligated to shed blood to Him; therefore He would be obligated to shed His Blood BY MAN, according to His Word and like men who shed blood of an animal in their place, God the Father gave His only Son, A MAN, to be HIS LAMB, to die in His place in order to say GOD DIED, and so God revoked His Curse and invoked His New Word of Blessing††† John 3: 16


Romans 5: 16Ė17appears to be contradictory to Godís Word in regard to the fact that God had said that NO MAN CAN REDEEM ANOTHER: only God can.

Therefore it is clear that why God required A MAN: it would be FOR THAT MAN to shed blood for God.Jesus is that man.

So God planned that He would be IN THAT MAN in order to reconcile all things to Himself, and so Jesus stood IN GODíS PLACE, with Godís Spirit in him to shed blood for God, to fulfil His Criteria.God called him His Lamb.God died by His lamb†† John 1: 29




God planned that He must be in the man who would be His Lamb and die in His place in obligation to those who had shed blood to Him.

HOW?†† He was In Jesus by the Fullness of His Spirit.

When this occurred we see Jesus, as Immanuel, with Godís Spirit in him.†† Jesus a MAN was Godís LAMB.This is how God in Jesus reconciled all things to Himself, thus fulfilling in every way Godís obligations to His own Criteria.

In love God brought the whole responsibility of redeeming man to Himself.

John 1: 29-34††† Matthew 1: 21-23††† Colossians 1: 19-22†††† Acts 20: 28††††† Acts 20: 21

Matthew 1: 21-23&John 1: 29Reveal the strength of Godís deliberate plan and purposes for Jesus as the redemption price of Israel and the world, in the prophetic words of the angel to Joseph, and of John the Baptist.


John 1: 29††† God said to John the Baptist that Jesus would be The Lamb of God who would take away the SINS OF THE WORLD.

This was accomplished by the Guilt Offering.


Matthew 1: 23††† The angel said to Joseph that Jesus shall be called Immanuel, which was fulfilled, at his Baptism, with the Holy Spirit of God, and that accommodated Godís plan to dwell in Jesus as HIS LAMB in order that His Criteria of Redemption was fulfilled to the world.


Romans 8: 3††† Matthew 1: 21††† Also Jesus will save HIS PEOPLE, ISRAEL FROM THEIR SINS: to fulfil their obligation for shedding the blood of the prophets.This accommodated Godís plan of His Criteria of Redemption by obligation to the shedding of blood, by Jesus himself being a Sin Offering to God.

Matthew 23: 33-39



God The Father was in Jesus, the man who was Godís Lamb, who shed blood for God as


He shed his blood FOR GOD FOR THE WHOLE WORLD other than Israel.John 1: 29 and

revoked the Curse for mankind and cancelled the Written code and its Regulations that were against us and that stood opposed to us.He disarmed Powers and Authorities, triumphing over them.It was a Battle Zone for God.He had His armour on.

Colossians 1:19-22††† Colossians 2:14-15†††† Isaiah 59: 15- 20



The man the Christ the anointed of God, a Priest who died as a SIN OFFERING to God

Played out and fulfilled the Day of Atonement described in Leviticus 16 which we enjoy the benefits of today, as those who serve The Living God.

Romans10: 38††††† Leviticus 4: 3-21†††† Romans. 8: 3

Jesus shed his blood as a Sin Offering,

For himself and for his household.

For those who had believed in him as the Son of God, before the cross, and those in his Kingdom, they are his Household.

John 17: 19††† Colossians 1: 13-14††† Matthew 13: 37-42††† Hebrews 3: 6††† 1 John 5: 1-5


Jesus shed his blood as a Sin Offering for

The Most Holy Place, this speaks of Heaven where God is in The Inner Sanctuary of Ezekielís Spiritual Temple.It was his shed blood TO GOD, NOT FOR GOD, THAT OPENED HEAVEN MAKING THE WAY INTO GODíS PRESENCE, for the Holy Ones of Israel and for those of HIS HOUSEHOLD who are to take his work as Baptiser with Holy Spirit in order to gain this entrance into Godís presence.His shed blood obliges the believer to shed theirs as a Sin Offering to God in order to claim this work.

Ephesians 2: 6††† Ephesians 2: 18-22††† Ephesians 4: 7-10††† Hebrews 9: 24††† from Matthew 13: 37-42to13: 47-50†††† Matthew 3: 11-12††† Romans 6: 3-14†††† Colossians 2: 9-13††† Mark 16: 13-18


He shed his blood for The Tent of The Meeting.

This is speaking of the Sanctuaries of Ezekielís Temple, not its Courts.It is where those Baptised with Holy Spirit are placed by God and built into by Christ.


Ezekiel 44††† 1 Corinthians 12: 18††† 1 Peter 2: 1-5


He shed blood for The Altar.

This stands in the Inner Court before the Door into the Sanctuaries.The Altar to which those of Christís Household are to come and be a Sin offering in order to claim the work of Jesus as The Sin Offering for his Household, to gain entrance into Godís Presence in The Kingdom of Heaven.

Ezekiel 43: 13-27††† Hebrews 3: 6†††† Matthew 13: 47-50†††† Ephesians 2: 6††† Romans 6: 3-14††† Colossians 2: 9-13††† Leviticus 4: 27-35


As a Priest, he shed blood for Israel.

Jesus, as a priest, as a member representing the community of Israel, he atoned for Israelís sins of shedding the blood of the Prophets fulfilling Israelís obligation to God for the shedding of this blood.Atonement to be received when they believe, saying blessed is he who came in the name of The Lord, as it is for all who would come to Redemption.

All the Sin Offering of Jesus was made by Fire, which gained Atonement and Fellowship with God.

Zechariah 3: 1-2††† Zechariah 12: 10††† Matthew 23: 33Ė39††† Matthew 1: 21-23††† Lev. 4: 3-21



Jesus, when on the cross, with Godís Spirit in him, from the sixth hour to the ninth hour there was total blackness with accompanying earthquakes.It was at the ninth hour that Jesus called outĒMy God why have you forsaken me?Ē

WHY did he say this?††† Because Godís Work in The Guilt Offering for man through Jesus was complete.

Can we believe that from three to nine the Guilt Offering was in operation?Yes we can, considering the strong Spiritual work that was accomplished.

Immediately Jesus was The Sin offering to God for himself and for Israel, and like a burning stick snatched from the fire, he called out ďFather forgive them for they know not what they do.Ē

WHY?†† Because Godís Obligation was moved by His Spirit of Grace in answer to Jesusí shed blood as their Sin Offering; Israel was atoned for all the blood they had shed, by Jesus paying their Penalty.Zechariah 12: 10


Jesus cried, ĒIt is finished.Ē and he gave up his spirit.What was finished was the work of God and Christ.Their work stands as the only Way for mankind to be reconciled to God because the Cross-and its work fulfilled the total purposes of the cross and its place in the Criteria of The Blood and the obligation that it calls for from man and God.

Genesis 9: 5-6 was fulfilled.God had paid His self imposed Obligations, by His beloved Son who also for Israel was an Atonement.


The Gentiles had never been in a Covenant Relationship to shed blood to God in sacrifices and circumcision.God did not owe the Gentiles anything to be in obligation to them but in the Covenant God made to Noah, His Criteria of Salvation, blood and obligation for all mankind are for whosoever would repent and believe.And that Word holds.

This work was accomplished for the Gentiles in The Guilt Offering.John 3: 16


Praise God, His New Word is that whosoever believes is redeemed and because blood was shed for whosoever, the redeemed believer is to fulfil his obligation to God, by spiritually shedding his blood as a Sin Offering for God to answer in obligation, His Promises relating to full Redemption and reconciliation.God always has an IF.We are justified by FAITH IN GODíS WORD that tells us we are obligated to Jesusí shed blood to shed ours, if we would know Eternal Life.

John 3: 16††† Galatians 3: 14††† Leviticus 4: 27-35††† Romans 12: 1-2††† Galatians 2: 20

Romans 6: 3-14††† Colossians 2: 9-13††† Matthew 7: 21-23††† Colossians 1: 23††† 1 John 2: 24-25


The evidence of Jesusí Words ĒIt is finishedĒ was the resurrection of The Holy Ones and for whosoever.The tearing asunder of the Temple Curtain which symbolically declared the Way into The Sanctuaries of God, of entering into Godís Presence in Heaven.

The Holy ones have been settled with, having entered Heaven with Christ and were established as the Foundation of Godís Spiritual Temple.Paradise was cleared of the Righteous Ones and the unrighteous of The Old Testament wait in Hades to be judged by God at The Final Judgement.

Matthew 27: 51-53††† Ephesians 2: 18-22††† John 3: 13now Hebrews 9: 24

On the Cross Israel pierced God, in Jesus.

Zechariah12: 10††† 1 Peter 3:18†††† Revelation 20: 10-12





Jesus was TWO named sacrifices, as Guilt Offering for God and a Sin Offering to God.

This fact reveals that manís Redemption IS PROGRESSIVE, BY THESE UNIQUE WORKS OF THESE SACRIFICES.The evidence of progression is found in the plans of the Spiritual Temple of Ezekiel, which speaks of EXITS AND ENTRANCES IN THE COMING TO GOD, which is all based on the Blood.THIS WAS GODíS PLAN.He always has an IF.

Isaiah 53: 10††† Romans 8: 3††† Leviticus Chaps.1-7††† Ezekiel 43: 10-12††† Ezekiel 44: 5



The believer comes to the cross and exits the World and enters the Courts of The Temple.††† The Redemption of Manís Spirit is when God gives the believer the Spirit of Christ, and is covered by Christís Righteousness, which is the believerísďHope of GloryĒ of becoming a Son of God.

Romans 8: 10††† Colossians 1: 27

JUSTIFIED:God is obligated to man because, he believes, by Faith and so God forgives past sins.He is freed from The Penalty of The Curse; The Lake of Fire.

Rom.3: 25†††† John 3: 16††† Galatians 3: 22††† Revelation 20: 15

SANCTIFIED:God separates the believer from the world and into the Kingdom of Christ, into his household and delivers them from the Dominion of Darkness.However they are still in the Death Realm, having the Body of Sin.

Ezekiel Chap. 40††† Colossians 1: 13-14††† Matthew 13: 37-42††† Romans 8: 10††† Hebrews 3: 6


RECONCILIATION to God the Father has not been completed because of the Body of Sin that the believer has.††† Romans 8: 10



The Redemption by God of maní s body while mortal, out from the Death Realm, into The Spiritual Body called ďIn ChristĒ.

Romans 6: 6††† Romans 8: 11††† Colossians 1: 28††† Ephesians 1: 2-14


JUSTIFIED:God fulfils His obligation to the believer because of obedience to the command of Christ to be baptised with Holy Spirit.The believer is then rendered holy and blameless, and given their own righteousness.All Sins are Forgiven and the believer is placed In Christ by God where the Fullness of God is who makes our mortal bodies alive.

Acts 1: 4-5††† John 14: 13-17††† Matthew 3: 11-12††† Ephesians 1: 3-4††† Philippians 3: 9††† Colossians 2: 13††† 1 Corinthians 12: 18††† Ephesians 4: 5-6††† Romans 8: 11

SANCTIFIED:In obedience to Christ to be Baptised the believer has in obligation to God and Christ offered themselves as a Sin offering and consequently is Spiritually circumcised, and raised from THE DEATH REALM by God.The believer has exited from Christís Kingdom and entered The Kingdom of Heaven, into the Sanctuaries of The Spiritual Temple.They are IN CHRIST, in

FULL RECONCILLIATION TO GOD.Because of THIS OBEDIENCE they have been enabled to participate in the work that Christ as a Sin Offering did for them giving them entrance into Godís presence.

John 14: 13-17††† Galatians 2: 20††† Romans 6: 3-14††† Colossians 2: 9-13††† Romans 2: 29††† Matthew 13: 37-42 to Matthew 13: 47-50

Ezekiel Chap. 44††† Colossians 1: 27 to 28††† 1 Corinthians 12: 18††† 2 Corinthians 5: 17-21††† 1 John 5: 1-5




While God, fulfils His Obligations to those who believe, it is for Sons of God to fulfil their obligations to God and Christ to gain an inheritance in the Eternal Kingdom of God.

The evidence of this is the judgements that Christ and God are yet to do.

Those In Christ shall be raised first to be judged by Christ.Those who have done the will of God the Father, while being over-comers shall inherit Eternal Life to rule and to reign with Christ and the Holy Ones for 1000 years.†† When all is complete they shall enter the Eternal Kingdom of God.


Those In Christ who do not inherit will know the Fiery Furnace or Outer Darkness.

Great privileges: call for great Judgement.

Matthew 7: 21-23††† Colossians 1: 23††† Hebrews 6:4-12††† Hebrews 10: 26-31††† 2 Corinthians 5: 10††† 1 Thessalonians 4: 16††† Mark 13: 23-31

Revelation 20: 11-12††† Matthew 13: 47-50††† Zechariah 14††† Isaiah 52: 7-10††† Revelation 19: 11 to 20: 6††† Rev. Chaps 21 & 22


Those in Christís Kingdom, the unbaptised of this dispensation, their judgements will be either the Fiery Furnace or Outer Darkness because of not being Baptised with Holy Spirit they are condemned.They were in The Book of Life and will be blotted out.

Matthew 13: 37-42††† Matthew 25: 1-13††† Mark 16: 13-18††† Acts 1: 4-5††† Revelation 20: 12-13††† Revelation 3: 5††† Matthew 7: 21-23


THE FINAL REDEMPTION OF MAN WILL BE WHEN HE FACES FOR REAL, GOD AND CHRIST, and their bodies are transformed into a Spiritual Body that is in the likeness that is how we are known by Christ.This will be the bodily Resurrection in order to be judged by Christ.

2 Corinthians 5: 10††† 1 Thessalonians 4: 16††† 1 Corinthians 13:12††† 2 Corinthians 3: 17-18††† Romans 8: 22-27


Godís plan can redeem man from The Death Realm and The Body of Sin.

Godís Plan qualifies the believer to enter Heaven and Godís presence.

Godís plan offers His armour and belt of Truth to overcome all that would come against us.

Godís plan is that Sons of God can deliver the earth from its decay, according to Godís purposes.


Romans 8: 31-39

WARNING To those In Christ who have entered the Sanctuaries of Godís Spiritual Temple, while believing and trusting in Jesus as God you are restricted to The Outer Sanctuary.

You must know that full reconciliation and the fulfilment of Godís Redemption cannot be fulfilled, unless one repents.

Ephesians 2: 18-22††† Ezekiel 44: 10-14††† Isaiah 22: 20-25††† John 17: 3††† 1 Corinthians 8: 6




The Kingdoms of Christ, {Godís Dear Son}, The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of God, are all spoken of in The Word of God, but it is the Christian who generally cannot discern the difference because of the fact that they are unaware of which Kingdom that they are in.

Those who would deny the fact that there is a difference in each Kingdom from the other, is because they believe that they are speaking of the one and same Kingdom and that there is no difference.



Just as God the Father set divisions in the coming to Himself in the Tabernacle and in His ongoing plan of the physical Temples built by men, we see the same divisions, essentially in the exits and entrances in Ezekielís Spiritual Temple.

Ezekiel 43: 10-12††† Ezekiel 44: 6††† Ezekiel Chaps. 40- 44


Christ himself made these Kingdoms, which are to accommodate the living believers, in what is a Spiritual Kingdom in their progress from the Cross - to the Father who is God.

Jesus is in charge i.e. of The Kingdom of Christ and of Heaven but not The Kingdom of God.He is Head of those in The Spiritual body I.e. those In Christ who are in The Kingdom of Heaven.The evidence of his authority will be his responsibility of judgement.

Colossians 1: 16-18††† Matthew 13: 37-42††† Matthew 13: 47-50††† 2 Corinthians 5: 10




Throughout the study material on Connections these Kingdoms have revealed their significance relating to the Spiritual Temple in Ezekiel Chaps 40-47, which speaks emphatically of EXITS AND ENTRANCES from each Kingdom.

Matthew 13: 37-42toMatthew 13: 47-50††† Colossians 1: 27to28††† Ezekiel 43: 10-12††† Ezekiel 44: 5

This is The Spiritual Temple which Paul speaks of in Ephesians 2: 18-22 and Peter in 1 Peter 2: 4-12.which holds these Kingdoms.


THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST:Colossians 1: 13-14††† Matthew 13: 37-42

This is the Kingdom of Godís Dear Son into which God places those who come from out of The World {Exit} in belief to the Cross AND ENTER THE COURTS OF THE TEMPLE.

They belong to Christ, as sons who are to inherit.They are his house.Hebrews 3: 6


Matthew 13: 37-42*** holds the Entrance Condition and the judgement by Christís Angels as to their obedience to Christís commands to love him and be baptised with Holy Spirit.They are to love one another, forgiving one another.His warnings in regard to the neglect of baptism are that those who do not believe to be Baptised are condemned.

John 14: 13-17††† Acts 1: 4-5††† Matthew 3: 11-12††† Mark 16: 13-18††† John 13: 34


When they will die before the Coming of Christ, all have been held in Paradise.Christís Angels will judge them.Those who have wilfully continued on in sin, the Angels will cast them into the Fiery Furnace and the others will be held over for God Himself to judge when He judges those of The World.It would appear that they should be cast into Outer Darkness.They will not be chosen because they did not obey Christís commands.

Matthew 13: 41-42††† Revelation 20: 11-15††† Matthew 25: 1-11††† Matthew 22: 13-14


N.B.Those In Christ, who are the Baptised with Holy Spirit, their judgement will be before, or near The End.Mark 13: 24-29††† 2 Corinthians 5: 10††† Matthew 13: 47-50

Those in the Kingdom of Christ who are Unbaptised with Holy Spirit, their judgement will be right at The End of All Things.†† Revelation 20: 11-12.

N.B. Those who have been in this Kingdom will never be cast into the Lake of Fire, which is the judgement for Satan and all whose names are not nor have never been written in The Book of Life.They were saved from this at the cross when redeemed from the curse.


Those in Christís Kingdom are in The Courts of The Spiritual Temple.

They have NOT been Born Again of Godís Spirit which occurs only when one has asked for Baptism with Holy Spirit and therefore they have NOT been Spiritually Circumcised from the Death Realm and are NOT In Life.They are NOT ďIN CHRISTĒ and therefore have NOT been reconciled to God and are NOT Sons of God co-heirs with Christ.

Those with Christ in them, those in Christís Kingdom and Christ is their hope of becoming a Son of God by his work as Baptiser with Holy Spirit, those who remain in The Kingdom of Christ shall never see or enter The Kingdom of God unless Born Again of Godís Spirit through Baptism with Holy Spirit.

John 3: 3-8††† Matthew 3: 11-12††† Romans 6: 3-14††† Colossians 2: 9-14††† Matthew 15: 13††† Romans 8: 10-17††† Ephesians 4: 5-6


THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN:Matthew 13: 47-50

Only those who have entered the Kingdom of Heaven through being baptised with Holy Spirit by Christ, have the hope of entering The Kingdom of God.Their hope lies in their doing the will of The Father.Christ will be their judge, and today this depends upon knowing WHO IS GOD.Matthew 3: 11-12††† Matthew 7: 21-23††† Ezekiel 44: 10-14††† Isaiah 20: 20-25††† Romans 8:15-17


The Kingdom of Heaven is distinct from those who are in Christís Kingdom.

Matthew 13: 37-42.

Matthew 18: 1-4The essence of coming to gain entrance into the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, where one is made to sit with Christ in the Heavenlies, is Humility.

It calls upon the believer, in the Courts to love and obey Christís Commands, in particular to be baptised in Holy Spirit.

The believer is to ask for Baptism and by doing this they are offering themselves as a sin offering, a living sacrifice to be spiritually crucified with Christ to be Baptised into Death by him and raised out of Death by God Himself.Christ will clear the believer from his Threshing Floor [the Courts] and gather the believer LIKE WHEAT INTO THE BARN: into the Sanctuaries where God is.They are taken from The Courts into The Sanctuaries by Christ, as The Baptiser, as The Way and The Access to God.

Romans 12: 1-2††† Galatians 2: 20††† Romans 6: 3-14††† Colossians 2: 9-13††† Matthew 3: 11-12††† 1 Peter 2: 4- 10††† Ephesians 2: 18-22

This is the Work that is accomplished in order to receive the PROMISED SPIRIT OF GOD, which is by Baptism with Holy Spirit by Christ and then God the Father baptizes the believing into The Spiritual Body of Christ that is In Christ.

Galatians 3: 14††† John 1: 29-34††† 1 Corinthians 12-18††† Matthew 15: 13


This is the work that translates us into THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

Entrance is gained through Christ THROUGH THE DOOR into the Sanctuaries.Firstly into the Outer Sanctuary. Here those Baptised with Holy Spirit are to minister in their spiritual gifts, which shall be, judged as to their use to the glory of God our Father.As Sons of God, co-heirs with Christ one is to know Godís Will in all aspects of our lives, and to actually do it.For this is The Criteria to enter THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN ETERNAL LIFE.

The INNER SANCTUARY is where the Father is with Christ but if the believer is trusting in Jesus as God then the Inner Sanctuary is closed to them.God has said that they cannot come near to Him nor know His Holy Things.Therefore His direct Will and Fellowship cannot be known.

They may serve in the Temple but they cannot enter the Inner Sanctuary.

Ezekiel 44:10-14††††† Isaiah 22: 20-25††† 1 John 1-3




Because they are baptised with Holy Spirit, they are In Christ, there is no condemnation.

They are where Christ is the Head and Godís Spirit is through all, in all, and over all.

Ephesians 4: 5-6††† Ephesians 1: 22


Their hope of inheriting eternal Life in The Kingdom of God is to do the will of God the Father, being over-comers for which there is a great reward.Christ has said that he will make those who overcome to be pillars in the Temple of His God and write on him the name of His God and the name of the City of his God, the New Jerusalem that is the eternal city of the Kingdom of God.

Revelation 3: 11-12††† Revelation 2: 7/11/17/26-27††† Rev. 3: 5/11-12/21N.B. 1 John 1: 1-5

The believers are spoken of as fish because they are supposed to be swimming in the River of God, walking in His Spirit.†† Ezekiel 47


WHEN THEY DIE they will remain where they were In The Spirit while the were alive physically, in Mt Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem the City of The Living God.

Hebrews 12: 22Ė24††† Ezekiel 43: 10-12

WHEN THEY ARE CALLED TO BE JUDGED BY CHRIST FIRST Christís angels will come and separate them from those who have continued in the righteousness that God had given them when Baptised with Holy Spirit.NO CONDEMNATION.

Hebrews 6: 4-9††† Hebrews 10: 26Ė31††† Philippians 3: 9††Mark 13: 26-27††† Romans 8: 1-2


The wicked who have continued in SIN shall be cast into the Fiery Furnace and those who have done the will of The Father, knowing Him as God alone, and knowing His Will from Himself and doing it, shall inherit and go on to rule and reign with Christ for 1000 years and finally when all has been fulfilled shall enter into the eternal Kingdom of God.Christís Reign will be the physical Reign NOT to be confused with Christís Spiritual Kingdom.

Revelation 20: 4-6††† Revelation 20: 11-15††† Revelation 21

All those IN CHRIST the Angels will clearly see who are the wicked.

Revelation 20: 11-12††† Mark 16: 14-18††† Matthew 13: 37-42


These Kingdoms clearly display The Person who is in charge: whose spirit the believer has and what place in the Temple they are placed, and what will be their judgment.


It will be here that we will drink with Christ who has handed over the Kingdoms to His God and Father that God be ALL IN ALL.1 Corinthians 15: 22-24††† Luke 22: 17




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