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How often do you hear a Christian who hears of a doctrine that they don’t know what it really is all about nor understand, make the comment, “Oh they are a Cult or they are Anti Christ”.

With no understanding nor with an investigative mind, people make the most outrageous statements.

Among the favourites would be that, if one believes God the Father to be God alone, then you must be a Jehovah Witness or maybe Christadelphian  etc.   To be Mormon means that their Christ is not the same as ours, so are they Anti-Christs?

The fact that Israel believes in One - who is God, means little to those who busily seek to evangelise The Jews, who are soon taught that indeed Jesus their new found Saviour is God.  They now in fact have gained  entrance to the biggest Cult of all - The Trinity, whose most potent tool in its creation is, that each believer becomes an Anti-Christ, in God’s sense of His Word, because they have believed what is taught them and are ignorant of the Christ of God, and trust in  another Christ other than God’s.


The Oxford Dictionary defines Cult-  As worship or religious devotion, especially a “form” of religion.    Hindu  -  Buddhism -  and areas of Liturgical Christianity.

2. A system of Religious Observances- believing that by doing so, one is saved.

3. Extravagant  devotion to a person, cause or thing : also the object of such devotion. 

The Word 'Form'. The Noun.

Appearance, aspect, ceremonial, configuration, conformation, contour, figure, fashion, formality, method , mode, mould,  observance, outline, right, religion, shape.

This is to be understood, that while these can apply to the world and Pagan Religions, they are also applicable to The Christian Church. 

A Cult is any group of people wherever, who adhere to leaders whom they believe have absolute authority to teach and lead their believers into the knowledge of God by all sorts of methods – but it is not by God Himself.

They seek to please the Leaders by conforming to their forms of religion, believing in complete submission, that what they have embraced is a Spiritual accomplishment.
Hosea  4: 6 -7

All the ‘forms’ of  Religion are not able to be expressed by every Cult.  Each one has its own particular ‘form’ of religion which must be adhered to in order to accomplish what the form of worship will achieve, only if explicitly obeyed.

Believe it or not this also applies to the many Christian Denominations, all seen as The Church.

Let us consider :  Systems of Religious Observances.  [a cult has]

There are churches that keep to a strict “form of order” of services and  observances. Week after week they Sing a Hymn,  Read The Word of God, receive an Offering,  Prayer, Sing a Hymn, Preach, Sing,  Go Home. They are not led by The Spirit.  Yet the content of the service would be said to be Christian.  This is therefore Cultish.  


Communion has become an established system of religious observance, some groups believing that it is essential for their Salvation.

Some churches have it weekly.  Some churches have it monthly, based on man’s choice.  Communion, is not to be out of habit or Regulation, but  faithfully as God has directed because of its powerful work in the Spiritual Realm, as it declares the Death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and declares the message of Sins Forgiven, by The Blood.

Jesus has said, “Do this in remembrance of me.”   Do it as often as you meet.  We remember Jesus because in our faith in God and total dependence upon Him in our daily lives we are looking to The Father, and communion brings us to the remembrance of The Person who made our position possible : to have Faith in God, as Jesus did.

We remember Jesus, not only his death in which he willingly gave witness to God’s will, but his life, of his love and passion in doing His Father’s will.

The communion gives Praise to God the Father for His Plan and the content of the work achieved at the cross- when He, in Jesus by His Spirit, reconciled the world to Himself.  And Jesus as God’s Lamb in accordance with Old Testament Stipulations and Regulations, shed his blood for His Father’s purposes to fulfil His Criteria, in which God placed Himself in the position  to fulfil His obligations to the Holy Ones of The Old Testament and for those who would desire to be righteous in The New.  In order to fulfil His Promises of making a Covenant in that -

He would write His Laws in the hearts and minds of men.  Hebrews 8 : 10-12.  10: 15-18

I  have heard Pastors say how hard it is to conduct a Communion Service.   They ask “ What else can be said.?”  They have lost the heart and the purpose of Communion, because they are not being led by The Spirit of God Himself, who will never tire of stating the work of His Son done in obedience to His will.  It is Cultish and Anti Christ to believe that to take Communion is, to actually eat and drink, ‘the body of Christ’.  Those who believe in the sacrificial work of Christ as Lamb of God and as Baptiser with Holy Spirit  have The Spirit of Christ and of God The Father in them, through Faith. They have passed from doing something so Cultish as to eat The Body of Christ, by the bread, and drink his blood through the wine.

Luke 22: 19-20,  Colossians 1: 19-20,  Genesis 9: 5-6,    Hebrews 9: 15-16,   Romans 8: 10-11, 
John 14:23,   Ephesians 4: 5-6.    

The Cultish Observances of Christmas and Easter.    These are supposed to be a Christian Observance.  However it has passed on to them being seen as “religious observances”  rather than a rejoicing in the Spiritual Reality of their true meaning, of the birth and the death and resurrection of Christ.  But this has emerged now as being almost Pagan.  To the Church it should be a time of thankfulness and an opportunity of witness to God’s goodness to the world, in the knowledge that those who are not Christians really don’t know any reason to rejoice in.  Because it has become a Religious Observance, the world has joined in and added their flavour to it, thus becoming more cultish.  We would like to see only Christians having this as a  remembrance,  and to share it with goodwill to unbelievers.  These Observances should not to be seen as a National Holiday, because it gives the message that the Nations who do celebrate Christmas and Easter are therefore all Christian.

The Cultish extravagant devotion to a person

The dictionary states that a Cult can be those who have an extravagant devotion to a person.

The right extravagant devotion is to be to God The Father and His Son, who oppose such devotion given to a man which is called Cultish.  God is a Jealous God, His name is Jealous.

For devotion to a person, they must be of Truth such as God Himself.  So we give full devotion to The God of all Truth.

We are to give devotion to the Son, who is The Way to God The Father, and The Truth of God demonstrated, as He displayed His Father.  He is The Life lived in obedience to God The Father.

By contrast the church of Rome has created the Marian Cult, by promoting an extravagant devotion to Mary.  We are to remember Mary in her role, chosen by God to give birth to Jesus but she has no special status, or operation in our Salvation.  It is believed that she can see us as do The Holy Ones, but they cannot be of any help to the believer.   Our faith is to be fully in God The Father, for this is His delight and will.                Exodus 34: 13-14,               John 16:13-15

There is to be no faith in any person as total spokesperson for God.  [ God deleted]

There is to be no faith in any human being, to be the director of morals or manner of lifestyle which is not confirmed by The Word of God. eg. The Jim Jones Cult.

In the body of Christ there are persons who through gifting by and maturity in God, are delegated, by their gifts, given by Christ and God, to teach and to administer to The Body.  There is no elevation of personage in this area as we have been warned of The Nicolaitan Spirit by Christ himself.  Direction and Counsel, knowledge to confirm and if needed to direct.   Healing and deliverance is to be carried out by those delegated, by Spiritual Gifts who are recognised as functioning in those Gifts and most importantly must be those whose faith is in God and hear from Him in order to build up each other in The Body.

Any counsel given by a person who declares that ‘this’ must be done because ‘I say so’ is Cultish, without any recorded recognition of being used in The Delivery of God’s Word of direction and purpose as given to the Church as required. Eg. In Word of Knowledge

Our devotion is to be expected by God and Christ because we have The Life of God  and of Christ in us by their Spirits.   Life and not Death and so we can hear God, as we ask Him.  This is possible only while faith is in God The Father as God Alone.

Revelation 2: 15,   1 John 2:27,   Ezekiel 44:10-14,   John 14: 23,   Ephesians 4: 7-13, 
1 Corinthians 12: 3-11,   Luke 11: 28.

Great care must be taken as we are called in the Bible to honour those that teach and are in positions of authority in The Church Fellowships : that there is not such an extravagant devotion to these people that what they teach is always ‘worshipped as Truth’ and not tested by God’s Word.   The Extravagant Devotion commanded is that we love the Lord our God, with all our hearts and minds.  No Pastor should be The Solomon, to those in his Church, but guiding believers, as Sons of God, to ask and to hear God Himself. 

We are to have an Extravagant devotion to God The Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ; knowing their unique position and work and giving to no other their praise.

Our devotion is to be ‘Like Christ’ in his devotion to His God and Father.
We are to have an extravagant devotion to their objectives, such as, promoting their Gospels, Kingdoms, Salvation and Works...
This is their purpose.

We are to be dying to self and living to do God’s will.  Giving all thanks and praise to God our Father, in the name of Jesus.
Ephesians 5: 20,   Mark 12: 20,    John 16: 23-28.

Beware of The Cultish Exultation of what is given by God where the recipient is lifted up rather than The Giver of every good and perfect Gift..  Remember  - The  Spiritual Gifts are not to be the object of devotion, establishing  a position or status.    Rather they are to be manifested as Faith in God my Father, in the Name of Jesus, love for the Church, and for the purposes of God and Christ, and not for self, to grow in their own importance.

It would be cultish to want “gifts and their manifestations without devotion to God The Father.” 

We have an example such as Simeon in Acts 8 displaying such folly.

The Gifts given by Christ and The Spiritual Gifts given by God at the time of Baptism with Holy Spirit, are not to gain ‘positions,’ but are works, which are to be lived according to His Will, by the Christian.  Apart from these our faith is to be in God The Father for all things pertaining to our lives.

We are to worship whom we do know and to be led  by Him  in worship, and  not to have a religious system of worship which is mere ceremony. 
Ephesians 4: 7-11,   1 Corinthians 12: 3-11,   Jude 1: 11-13.

There are many church services whose walls resound with the exuberant worship of Song.

Loud, long and repetitive to the beat of music that causes movement of the body in response to it but not by The Spirit of God.  Many songs are demanding God to act and to respond to their cries, but He will not while they use the music as a Spiritual Tool to see God move among them.

This is very Cultish, as they believe themselves to be The Door to Worship for all present.
We have heard that they contend that their ministry is greater than that of The Word of God.


The history of Israel reveals how they fell into Idol worship and so became ‘cultish’ and in fact Anti - God.  e.g. They worshipped the Brazen Serpent that Moses built according to God’s direction, long after it had fulfilled its purpose.       Exodus 21: 4-9

They used The Brazen Serpent to deliver them from their enemies, which was not the purpose.

The church is also using objects that have meaning in the life of a Christian.  It must be remembered that these objects are important to the Christian Faith, but have no power in themselves.  There is no call to use any object relating to Christianity in a Cultish manner because this cheapens what is meant to be Holy and exclusive to believers and their God.

The Cultish use of these objects has demeaned and made shallow, the Christian message.  eg. The Cross: has been taken out of its deep context by the world and the Christian Church.

The cross which speaks to us of Jesus’ death as God’s Lamb for the sins of the world has become an object to grace an unbeliever’s neck.  It is sung about with sentimental passion, without any connection to the true meaning of its work.

The Bible, The written Word of God is God’s Word, and is not to be held as an object of worship.  Some people would not place anything on their Bible, nor mark their pages.

Many would believe that it is the only way that God can speak to us today.  That no one can hear from God Himself, but through His Written Word.

Many use The Bible to gain a ransom from God in the guise of a particular Promise in His Word whatever they happen to have set their faith upon.  It is a challenge to God to fulfil His Word, but their faith is not in God Himself, because their expectation is in Jesus.   This in itself is Cultish.
John 16: 13-15 & 23-28,    Ezekiel 44: 10-14  is closed to them,  because they have failed to come to God Himself through the work of The Lord Jesus Christ, believing God The Father to be God alone.

These few examples of misused objects of faith have spread into the world creating a false identity with what, to them has no meaning. 
A few examples of Cultish Groups would be, The Moonies, The Shepherd Movement, The Light Movement and The Prosperity Gospel Movement.


There must be the realisation of the difference between  being Antichrist and The Antichrist.

NB. Antichrists can be Christians who through ignorance of God’s Truth of Jesus Christ, are opposing Christ [The Christ of God] whom they believe that they love.

Vines Expository Dictionary.

ANTICHRISTS, THE ANTICHRIST.  Vines’ Expository Dictionary.  [avrixpioros]  P. 61.

It can mean either against Christ  or instead of Christ, or perhaps combining the two  “one who assumes the guise of Christ, opposes Christ.”  [Wescott]

The word Antichrist  is found in John’s Epistles and Mark 13 : 6,  21-23.

There will be many  antichrists who are forerunners of The Antichrist himself.
1 John 2: 18-23,   2 John 1: 7-9,   1 John 4: 3

The Antichrist:

What the Apostle says of him so closely resembles what he says of the first Beast  in Revelation 13 and of what Paul says of The Man of Sin in 2 Thessalonians 2, that the same person seems to be in all these passages.

This is rather than the second Beast of Revelation 13, The False Prophet, who fully supports the  one formerly mentioned in all his Antichrist assumptions ; they will both oppose God and The False Prophet will seek to set up The Antichrist as God.  He will be copying the lie of The Trinity. As a False Christ he would be God.

The Antichrists deny that Jesus is The Christ.                                   1 John 2: 22

The Antichrists deny that Jesus came from God.                                    1 John 4: 3

The Antichrists deny that Jesus came in ‘The Flesh’  [only as]              2 John 1: 7

The Reason why The Trinity Gospel is Guilty of being Antichrist.

1.  Because their faith is not in The Christ of God : because they believe that he is God.  He is not The Christ of God.  Acts 2: 31-36.

2.  Because they say that Jesus is God and  as God  he became flesh.  He does not come from himself, because The Word of God says that God sent His Son, from where he was with God.

3.  Because they believe that Jesus is not totally flesh as The Son of Man, but in part Deity.

4. They are guilty also of the sin of The Antichrist.  By believing in Jesus to be God they have inadvertently opposed God Himself and offended our Lord Jesus Christ.

5. They have put Christ in an parallel position to that of Satan, by exalting him to be God.

Jesus did not consider equality with God something to be grasped at.  But he has been exalted to a false position by the ‘understandings of men.’   Philippians 2: 6-11


Those who have created this lie, have perpetuated the lie and by this have created a Cult whose members are guilty of being Antichrist.  We know that many may disbelieve this and be shocked at such a suggestion upon those who in their hearts honour Christ Jesus.  They work for him, they sing about him, they say they love him  :  he is the purpose of their living and their hope of Eternal Life, but they believe him to be God.
James 2: 19,  1 Corinthians 8: 6,   John 17: 3,   1 John 5: 1-5,   Romans 1: 7,  Ephesians 1: 17

Antichrists are those who deny that Jesus can only be Christ and Lord.  They declare that he is more. That he is God.

They are acting against The True Christ as they declare His Deity.  God calls them liars. 
1 Corinthians 8: 6,   1 John 2: 21-23,   2 John 1: 9,   John 17: 3.   

They are calling God a liar.  Those who deny The True Christ, his honour and place, as The Son of God, and fail to give to him the glory of that position, will not know The Father.  They know about Christ, but do not know him. They do not truly know the Son.   1 John 2: 23.

The Antichrist will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God.

2 Thessalonians 2:4

NB. The Antichrist is not against Christ initially, it is God Himself, who is in His sights and would oppose God Himself, and set himself up as God.  He is Antichrist in that The Christ of God would never do this thing.

In the past, beginning in 181A.D. by the persuasion of academic, philosophical, unbaptised with Holy Spirit men, ignorant of God’s Truth, they voted to exalt Christ to the position of God.  This is where The Antichrist is parallel to the man made Christ : he will seek to be seen as God over all mankind, but all he will gain is The Throne of Satan which will be destroyed.
Revelation 13,    Revelation  19: 20-21,    Philippians 2: 6-13

We praise God that God and Christ are not moved by man’s fleshly opinions : and have not changed their minds as to their conditions and purposes of  coming to them,  that is why many do not hear God or Christ in reality as they believe this lie.

We are to give complete illumination to Christ’s whole work, not only as Lamb of God, but  as Baptiser with Holy Spirit as glorified Christ and Lord, and as Messiah The Son of God.  Also with the understanding of his pre-existence, when he was with His God and Father.  We are to gain knowledge in order to gain full appreciation to the fact  of him as The Angel of Jehovah- the Angel of The LORD, as Commander of the army in Joshua, the Anointed One... to being seated and exalted to his glorified work as Son of God, Christ and Lord and as Melchizedek, our High Priest.

All true knowledge  of Christ is taught by God Himself, The Spirit of Truth.  This Truth prevents the believer from  becoming an  ignorant Anti Christ, which is the church’s position today through lack of this knowledge.  This knowledge is promised by Christ to all those who seek.
John 16: 13-15,   Hosea 4:6-7,  1 Corinthians 2: 10.

In the knowledge of Christ we go into him - understanding the depth of his being, his suffering, and his obedience to His Father; so that we “will be like him” to the glory of God His Father and not to the glory of Christ.  We are to know Christ in us, with whom we are co-heirs, as Sons of God, because of being Born Again by Baptism with Holy Spirit.  This is how Sons of God are to gradually gain the Fullness of Christ - to be like him.

We are to know him and honour him as our example in order to be pleasing to God His Father.

We are to know that Christ and The Father both work by their own Spirit.   The so called third person of The Trinity is in reality God The Father’s own Spirit.

We oppose the mind set in the error of The Christ of the Trinity who opposes The Christ of God, and the work that God has appointed him to do.         Ephesians 4: 12-13,            Romans 8: 17,
Romans 8: 10-11,     Galatians 1: 1.

The Spirit of Antichrist in believers assumes the guise of Christ and thus opposes Christ’s work, inducing the believer to accept error in the most important area of Salvation.
e.g. People lay great value in Christ’s work as Redeemer and then stop at that, by saying that justification and sanctification by the blood has achieved it all.  By this they are party to denying Christ’s appointed full work as Christ and Lord : his work as Baptiser with Holy Spirit.
But the cross is only a part of Christ’s work in the bringing of the believer to God The Father. 
By error, Christ’s Work has become bound due to The Spirit of Antichrist.

The Truth is that we are redeemed in order to receive The Promised Spirit of God The Father.

It is a command of God and of Christ that we do receive this.  It is received by asking Christ to Baptise with Holy Spirit.  The believer is condemned if they fail to believe to do this.

There is a reason for this.

This work is essential in order to know that the Spiritual work of Romans 6: 3-14  and  Colossians 2: 9-13, has been accomplished through and by which the believer is raised out of Death by God The Father and consequently as a result is Baptised by Christ and then baptised by God The Father into The Body of Christ : that is ‘In Christ’.

The Spirit of Antichrist by the Doctrine of The Trinity, teaches that to “have Christ in you” is to have God and therefore is enough for the certainty of Eternal Life.    This is not true.    They have looked at what Christ did as A son of Man, they have taught that Jesus raised himself from the dead, but this is not true for God The Father worked through him as A Son of Man and exerted His Power to raise him from the dead.  They believe that Christ did all these things and not The Father, because He is God.  The believer while thinking of Christ, calls him Father, and look to Jesus to be The Healer, Deliverer, Provider and Protector.  It is God The Father alone who is all this and more.   Christians who believe this, replace Christ in all that The Father is, and give Christ a false or/Antichrist position and most seriously deny The Father His Glory.
Isaiah 22: 20-25.  This is a Warning.           Ephesians 1: 19,       2 Corinthians 5: 10.

There is a serious fault in believers believing that they are Born Again when they are not.

They believe that they have Eternal Life and consequently are neglectful to what are God’s conditions to inherit Eternal Life.  They neglect to live righteously and observing The Commandments of God ; believing that they are Old Testament and therefore fail to observe that they are the basics of righteousness.  The commandments are from God who never changes His mind in regard to what He demands as for being Righteous.  There is a neglect in regard to the Sabbath Rest, which the Christian World observes on a Sunday.  It must be understood that God holds this observance to be very important, not only for the good of the individual but for the land that they live in.  Mark 12: 28-31,      Isaiah 58: 6-14,
Galatians 3: 14,   Acts 1: 4-5,   John 14: 13-23,   Romans 3: 25,   1 Corinthians 6: 11,
1 Peter 1: 2,     Mark 16: 14-16,     Ephesians 4: 5-6.


Through the lack of knowledge there are many in the Church who are guilty of being antichrist, but this can be corrected through the understanding of the truth.  Jesus said that man can say what they like about himself and be forgiven but they cannot be if the speak against The Holy Spirit  of God. The Antichrist spirit has elevated Christ beyond what he is, and in doing so has come against The Holy Spirit of God Himself.   No wonder that Ezekiel 44: 10-14 is in operation in the church who cries out  “What’s wrong?”

There is to hand in church systems today, the evidence of this error which is being perpetuated over and over as the generations pass on to the next their false teaching.

Martin Luther was one who challenged the accepted error of his day.  He rediscovered the Apostolic Truth that the just can live by Faith, meaning that it is the Just who can live by faith in God.  They must be just, before God, to do this.

Unless there is Justification and Sanctification by faith in the work of the shed blood, and consequently being Baptised by Christ into The Spirit of God, no man is seen as just before God.   Christ shall judge those in the Church who are Cultish.  God shall judge the rest.

Martin Luther discovered Christ as did many men as a result of that Reformation.  Martin Luther had been subject to the teaching of The Liturgical Church, believing the Pope to be ‘in the place of Christ’ on earth, seen as The Vicar of Christ [in the place of Christ].

The example of being ‘The Vicar’ was Christ himself, as Jesus on the cross was doing a vicarious work for his God and Father, shedding blood for God to fulfil His Promises to the Righteous men of The Old Testament, and for those of The New who would give their lives to serve their God.  The Criteria of Genesis 9: 5-6 was fulfilled on the cross by Jesus.  Christ was chosen to stand in God’s place, for what He did God could not do, that is to shed blood.  According to the Stipulations and the Regulations of The Old Testament of sacrifice, God fulfilled His obligations through Christ as His Lamb.                John 1: 29,              Acts 20: 28.

To fulfil one’s obligation as God did, by the Cross, fulfilling His Promises all according to His Plan to revoke His Curse on all man.  This was to justify, by faith those that would believe.

He fulfilled His obligations to His promises, He justified His Word.  This is what is expected of all believers to justify or fulfil their obligations to God.   He continues to place Himself in the position of obligation to believers by His promises.
John 12: 29,              Colossians 1: 19-20.

To be ‘The vicar’ for Christ, is not required, because Christ himself can dwell in the believer and be known as a person.   God The Father, has done this work.
Galatians 4:6,          Romans 5:8-10.

Believers of this error go to a priest to confess their sins, not to God.  Again we see the sin of the false ‘Vicarious Spirit’ in operation. They are called to call their Priests Father.  This is a false vicarious name against Father God.  Believers of this error at infanthood are baptised in water and are said to be ‘In Christ’.

This is a very serious  false vicarious  position by the priesthood and the parents, as the priest vicariously positions himself as Jesus The Lamb of God, and of Christ , Baptiser with Holy Spirit.  The parents for the child have deleted the call of a personal faith, in the work of the blood and of the Spirit of God.

For no one enters the Body of Christ i.e. ‘In Christ’ unless it is by faith that they have come as a sinner to the cross and gone on to know Baptism with Holy Spirit, by Christ.

It is realised by us that these people are only perpetuating what they have been taught.  But while there is time  repent of this Antichrist position….

Many say that today there is no Baptism with Holy Spirit.  However no Baptism means, no New Birth, nor Resurrection from Death, and no Spiritual Gifts.  No Spiritual Gifts means no manifestation of God.  No Baptism with Holy Spirit means no hope of knowing The Father and doing His Will as Jesus did, and no Everlasting Inheritance with God and Christ, because of not doing The  Father’s will. Matthew 7: 21 -23,              Mark 16: 14-16.

The ‘guise’  or ‘gauze’ [it is likened to a gauze  bandage]  which has ‘replaced Christ’ has made him a False Christ who is  not able to achieve that which His Father gave him to do and what  he is asked to do by believers is not his work but that which is The Father’s.
1 Peter 1: 2,   Romans 3: 25,   1 Corinthians 6: 11,   Mark 14: 16-18,    Romans 6: 3-14,
Colossians 2: 9-13,    1 Corinthians 12: 13-18,    Ephesians 4: 5-6,     Romans 8: 1-2, 
2 Corinthians 5: 10,      Revelation 20: 11-12.


Before The Reformation there were men who were seeking to know God better and  were tired  of the emptiness, that they knew in The Liturgical bondages.  As a result of The Reformation, Jesus of The Trinity became a ‘preaching point.’  They believed that they had discovered The Christ of The Apostolic Era.   The Trinity however, by the time of Martin Luther, had developed a doctrine about Christ that set up for these Reformers the task of looking for ‘The Needle in the haystack’ as they sought for the truth of him, in the haystack of error.
For The Early Reformers it was faith in Jesus as one’s Saviour, and to be water baptised as one’s testimony and witness as to their repentance.  Men were burned at the stake for this stand.

Teaching expanded this truth and maintained it quite well, as we moved through the generations where we saw many of the present day Denominations standing on this ground.  There were variations however where denominations would retain such as infant Baptism, Methodists and Presbyterians.

The Trinity Doctrine continued to be held, and this blocked vital teaching concerning the Christ Jesus who for many had become real, and not simply a figure of Doctrine.  The Liturgical Churches along with The Fundamental and Evangelical  maintained the same Trinity Doctrine.

Consequently the work of Christ as Baptiser with Holy Spirit was virtually unknown and was deemed to be unnecessary.

There would have been individuals who were Baptised by Christ being unaware of the significance or meaning of what had occurred.
Believers proceeded through to the early 19 hundreds, where historically it was recorded as being, as another Pentecost, with many men and women being Baptised with Holy Spirit.

The evidence of this event was the Speaking in Tongues which caused ‘an uproar’ amongst The Unbaptised, who declared that Baptism was unnecessary and that ‘Tongues’ were of The Devil.
Needless to say that this opinion has gone on to this day.  We have seen the 1960’s where a greater emphasis on Jesus was seen with songs, plays, and The Colloquial Jesus Bible... It became a Jesus Cult with no clear direction given as to The Christ of God.
Those who were Baptised with Holy Spirit, Pentecostals, in turn broke up into other Pentecostal Fellowships: Assemblies of God, Gospel Four Square and Apostolic etc….

Although Baptised with Holy Spirit they did not realise the work of Christ or what had been Spiritually Achieved by knowing Baptism.  They have no knowledge or understanding of the progress from the cross to The Throne Room of God as to being progressive, of which The Baptism is a vital part of the progress.

The reason for this has been because of The Trinity and the necessity to centralise Jesus because they have need of him as their touchstone as God, and so God The Father Himself, The Spirit of Truth cannot teach them His Truth concerning His Son.   This is because God Himself has said that while there is any Idolatry, they as Priests, can serve in His Spiritual Temple, but they cannot come near Him and His Holy offerings.              Ezekiel 44: 10-14,
John 16: 13-15.


While Jesus remains as The Centre for The Church and as God,   God and all His Truth will be denied them.  It will not necessarily be knowledge about Christ but the working out in the believer’s life, their Faith in God, as Jesus did.
It is foolishness to hear singing of Jesus as if he alone is to be worshipped and praised.
What of The Father in whose Spirit we are Baptised?   They sing of Jesus as being God, and then in the next song declare that Jesus is The Son of God.  They sing of Jesus and call for his power; while the Scripture declares there is God The Father AND Jesus Christ, The God and Father OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST : two persons.

The Truth is that BOTH dwell in The Baptised Believer, but it is God The Father who is to be praised.
2 Peter  1:2,  1  Peter 1:2,    John 20:17,   Romans 1: 7,   Titus 1: 4,   Romans 15: 6,   Eph 1: 17


The doctrine which is much against Christ  falsely declares that The Word of God is Christ’s Word.
Scripture states, Jesus said, “I speak only what My Father has said and I say it exactly.”
John 12: 47-50,    John 8: 27-29.  

He was and still is, God’s Word.  He will come again as God’s Word to carry out his part in The Judgements of God, upon The Antichrist, his False Prophet and followers.
Revelation 19: 13-20.

In The Beginning was the Word [Jesus before he came], he was with God and The Word [what it was] was God’s Word.

The Spirit of Antichrist has not only come against the Words that God has said through and by His Son but  against prophetic truths of promises and warnings regarding Christ’s Work, not only as The Son of Man but as The Son of God.  This is especially true concerning The Promised Spirit, and the acceptance or denial of it, which is God’s own Spirit.

Some would say that it was Christ’s Spirit that was poured out on The Day of Pentecost.
This is error, as it is to be understood that Christ poured out  His Father’s Spirit.
Mark 16: 12-18,   John 14:12-23,   Ephesians 4: 5-6,   Joel  2:28,   Acts 2: 4,  2:17,   Acts 2: 33  

It is the work of The Antichrist Spirit to do away with The One True God, and so by making Christ to be God, The Father of lies accomplishes his work.  It is to be remembered that the Spirit of Anti Christ IS A Spirit BUT NOT OF GOD and therefore will work against The Glory of the One True God.  This he has sought to accomplish by using error concerning The Son of God.

1 John 2: 22 says that  “He is an Antichrist who denies the Father and The Son”.

The Trinity Doctrine teaches that the oneness of Jesus with The Father declares his Deity.
However we all know Jesus’ Prayer in John 17: 21.  We are to be ‘one’ with Christ and The Father.  We are to be ‘one’ with God’s purposes and will as Jesus was.
Paul spoke of this in Philippians 1: 27 - 2:2
To be ‘one’ with God, does not mean that we are God, any more than Jesus is.

When in John 14: 9  Jesus said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.”  And this would appear to confirm what is in fact error.
The Trinity Doctrine says  “This is Jesus.  He is The Father”, rather than the explanation that Jesus gave,  “to see what I do is to see what God in me is doing.  See that God is in me.”
As verse 10 explains how that God works through Christ : this is how The Father is to be seen, even so today through us, The Body of Christ - The Church.  God The Father dwells in those who are Baptised with Holy Spirit.   Ephesians  4: 5-6.   John 10: 20-39.

The purposes of God are not to be eliminated  His Temple will be built, even as Christ is getting hindered in this work, due to the Cult  factor.   God’s work as Healer, while apart from some areas of the Spiritual Gift, is not being realised.  Yes people can get healed - but the individual’s faith in God’s  Power to heal is being neglected because Christ has been made healer “instead of God.”   This is against Christ himself, as he knows his Position, and would be very grieved at this Blasphemy to His Father.

God lives on The Praises of His People.  Our land and many nations suffer on account of this lack.

We believe Jesus is Christ and in that exalted, spiritual position fulfils his work according to the glory of His God and Father, as Christ and Lord.
We believe that Jesus came in the flesh, total Son of Man, not as partial Deity - as God. He became Immanuel at the time of his Spirit Baptism with the Spirit of God Himself.
Immanuel means God with us, and He was when He entered Jesus.
Matthew 1: 22-23,    Luke 3: 21-23.

We believe that Jesus came from God.  He was with God before he came out from heaven into a Body prepared for him by His God and Father.   He is not God who became man.
He was God’s chief Messenger.       Hebrews 10: 5,         John 3: 13,    Malachi 3: 1-2.

We believe that Jesus is The Son of God, declared to be so by His God and Father who raised him from the Dead.  Romans 1: 3-4,        Galatians 1: 1,         Ephesians 1: 19-20.

Because we believe Jesus to be The Son of God, we are able to overcome, as God our Father by His Spirit strengthens us, as we have faith in Him, as Jesus did.   1 John 5: 1-5,    2 Peter 1: 3-11,
1 Peter 1: 3-9.










1 John 5: 4-5                         Matthew 7: 21-23


            Revelation  2:7, 11, 17, 26-29                   Revelation  3: 5, 11-12, 21.


          CULTS             AND

                        ANTICHRISTS            AND


Jesus said of His God and Father

We are to worship God
in Spirit
in Truth.

If we do not :
We are Cultish.

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