PASTORAL HEADSHIP was never intended to be a HEAD of any fellowship but as a gift that Christ gave to those who came to the cross.  That of Apostle, Evangelist, Prophet, Pastor and Teacher.  Eph. 4: 7-11



THE EFFECT OF THE TRINITY IN WHAT CAN BE REPLACEMENT OF GOD HIMSELF IS when the gift of Pastor has gained HEADSHIP AND CONTROL  over people rather than being what was intended, a shepherd who knows the way of RIGHTEOUSNESS, one who tends herds or flocks.  AN OVERSEER.


The problem is that their “Replacement spirit” is accepted because they are a Pastor, ordained by men.

There is the majoring of the academic to be placed in the position of Pastor in a church fellowship of a particular denomination, often when the person does not have the gift of Pastor/Teacher.

This gift is A WORK not A POSITION.  Most importantly if the one called Pastor is not Baptized with Holy Spirit then they are truly bereft and are found wanting, because the gifts of Christ and God MUST WORK TOGETHER.  IT IS GOD’S PLAN.

As a result THE CHURCH CAN BE LIKENED TO LAODICEA who have people whose eyes are blind and need cleansing, their pastors are in the same position.  The blind leading the blind.  Binding the people to WHAT THEY CONSIDER TRUTH.

Their ears are deaf and don’t want to listen.  They believe that they are clothed and ready to meet the coming Christ, The Head of the Church, EVEN THOUGH THEY DENY HIS FULL WORK of Baptizer with Holy Spirit.  As a result -

THE SPIRIT OF GOD SAYS OF THEM:  They are naked and poor and shall be vomited out.





The believer who comes initially to the Cross is to know that from that place IT IS AN ONGOING JOURNEY.  They are to know that they have NOT arrived and are NOT eternally saved.


The believer is to HEAR and RESPOND by believing faith, by reading The Word of God themselves for confirmation of what they are being taught by Pastors, but many believers go to books written by men who have been or are Pastors and who have in many cases not gone further spiritually than belief in the work of the cross.

Many would be called Hero’s of Christianity who highlight the problems that Christians will face and what are the blessings they will have.  They look to what they may ‘have’ without realizing they will only ‘have’ as they do the will of God the Father whom they must know in order to hear from Him to do His Will, as Jesus did.

These books are replacements to hearing from God Himself as The Spirit of Truth, rather they promote the problems the Christians.  Generally UNBAPTIZED Pastors have no teaching on OVERCOMING by the Power of God, they believe Jesus is God and as a result they trust in him as the God who empowers them.

1 John 5:5.



They are quick to receive the blessings and promises of those IN CHRIST,  PASTORS ENCOURAGE THIS and will stand on them and look for them to the exclusion of WHAT ARE GOD’S CONDITIONS FOR RECEIVING THEM.  The ‘IFS’   Ezekiel. 44:10-14,   Isaiah 22: 20-25. 

God’s conditions are ignored and even declared to be of the devil.  i.e. The Baptism and Tongues.

The Nicolaitan spirit shouts loudly and the UNBAPTISED Pastors obey.  The people comply.


It is complete trust in the Father as God alone, giving ones life to His purposes and Will as Jesus did.  If we do not do this, God’s purposes for Himself and mankind, His purposes for Christ’s continuing work, and His purposes for an individual believer WILL NOT BE FULFILLED and this neglect shall call for judgment of an eternal nature.

2 Peter 2: 9-12,   Eph. 3: 11-12,   Col. 1: 20



BUT THOSE WHO WOULD KNOW GOD THE FATHER WHO JESUS CAME TO BRING US TO.  If they saw themselves as a sinner when they came to the cross, they are to ask Christ to Baptise with Holy Spirit, then as Sons of God they are to continue to seek NOT TO SIN DELIBERATELY AND LOOK FOR POWER TO BE OVERCOMERS.   Hebrews 10: 29-31.


They will seek to know Gods Word, to know Jesus who lives in them and also The Father who by their own Spirits dwell in the believer.  This has been as a result of the work of the cross (received the Spirit of Christ) and Baptism with Holy Spirit (one is Baptized into the Spirit of God the Father), who with Christ then dwell  in the believer.  John 14: 13-23.

They will not just accept THE PASTORS WORD but will get confirmation from GOD’S WORD and from God the Father Himself and will ASK OF HIM AND QUESTION HIM.  John 16:23-28,  John 16: 13-15,  Eph. 1: 17,  1 John 2: 26-27.



As they hunger and thirst after righteousness they will not just receive knowledge with a bias, that gives no understanding ON WHAT THEY ARE CALLED TO BELIEVE but will desire to know WHY THEY BELIEVE IT AND HOW IT ALL WORKS.

This breaks the Nicolaitan controlling spirit which makes “mind sets” which is difficult to contend with.




So many believers are taught to FEAR ANY TEACHING NEW TO THE BASIC BELIEFS of their particular Denomination.


This applies not only to Mainstream churches but also to what they would call cults.  It is the HOOD THEY ALL WEAR.


The believer is taught to fear them and not go and question them, because anything new beyond the foundation facts they have been taught WILL BE SEEN AS OF THE DEVIL.   Pentecostals, did you know many believe THAT TONGUES ARE OF THE DEVIL?


How many Christians know that Christ dwells in them and is to be known?

How many know that not only is Christ to dwell in them but also God the Father by His Spirit as well.      Romans 8: 10-11,    Ephesians 4: 5-6,    Ez. 36: 26-27.


How many know of Christ’s Kingdom and of God’s Kingdom and know their part in God’s plan of redemption.


How many know God’s Salvation is Progressive.  There are 2 persons involved –

2 Kingdoms.

How many know Romans 6 and Colossians 2 speak of a strong potent Instantaneous Spiritual Process that is not a picture of Baptism BUT an actual Spiritual work that must be done to enter Eternal Life.  1 John 2: 24-25


How many of them know that Baptism with Holy Spirit was NOT JUST FOR A SIGN TO ISRAEL BUT the result of A POWERFUL INSTANTANEOUS WORK on the believer THAT IS NOT ACHIEVED AT THE TIME OF COMING TO THE CROSS.

As  the cross is for the WHOLE WORLD, SO IS THE BAPTISM for those who would come to KNOW GOD THE FATHER.  Matthew 13: 37-42 & 13: 47-50,  Acts 11: 17,   Acts 2: 31-36.



The INSTANTANEOUS SPIRITUAL PROCESS is the essential part of the Gospel, for this is when a believer is RAISED OUT OF DEATH BY GOD THE FATHER and knows SPIRITUAL CIRCUMCISION.     Romans 2: 29

This is what must be accomplished BEFORE Baptism with Holy Spirit by Christ, for God the Father to then (put into)/Baptize the Baptized believer INTO THE BODY OF CHRIST  i.e. In Christ.

How many know Christ comes for those who are In Christ.  1 Thess. 4:16,  Romans 6: 3-14,   Col. 2: 9-13.

How many know, who are those, “In Christ”.   Col. 1: 27-28.


The work of the cross frees the believer from the curse on Adam and gives forgiveness of past sins, but the believer must be RAISED OUT OF THE DEATH REALM AND BE GIVEN ENTRANCE BY GOD THE FATHER INTO LIFE AND LIGHT.   Romans 8: 1-2.


These facts can be found in the Word of God BUT ANY CLARIFICATION beyond the facts IS SEEN AS ERROR RATHER THAN KNOWING THE NEW THINGS THAT COME OUT FROM THE STOREHOUSES AS JESUS PROMISED, Matt. 13: 52, which enlarge Gods purpose and method of His plan to carry out such a wonderful salvation and gives one a greater appreciation and wonder of our Lord God.   


Gods mouth has not been closed by the production of the Written Word of God.  He still speaks, leads, comforts, heals, delivers, protects and is to be OUR DIRECTOR.  The Written Word gives promise through Baptism with Holy Spirit of KNOWING GOD HIMSELF,  JESUS AS THE WAY, THE ACCESS, but to trust Jesus as God and even though Baptized in God’s Spirit – you may only serve in the Temple but you cannot go near God or know HIS HOLY OFFERINGS OR THINGS.

            Is that new to you?


The teaching of Jesus as God created and freed the Nicolaitan spirit.  He works with the Spirit of Belial – who does not like discussion.  Because of error these spirits have created men to stand in God’s place and even Christ’s place, binding the believer from knowing a walk of total dependence on God the Father – as Jesus did – know God’s fullness and the power of His Name and especially from doing His Will, which not done carries eternal consequences.




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